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*just read the entire back log* :O This is an awesome comic.
Happy Holidays~
Just a little gift to the readers I have so far, as thank you. I hope you guys have a great holiday and a very safe winter. <3
Sorry for the low file quality - I had to make it smaller and lose some of it's quality so it could upload. It is big enough for a wallpaper normally, so if you're interested I'll put it over on DA in a few days.
Nai Chan
November 28th, 2010
Sorry for no updates for two weeks - I took the time out to do some concept art (most of which you can find over at my DA) and generally just finish up college work before Christmas. I should have a new page up soon. :3 Until then here's a concept art update for you to look at. c:
I cannot believe someone would get a stick wedged so far up their ass because someone had a difference of opinion! :O IT'S CRAAAAZZZYYY, THIS INTERNETS.

Ty is awesome. XD
Nai Chan
November 10th, 2010
Ahaha! Oh man I only just stumbled across this comic and already I'm laughing. *goes back to read archives*
+fav from me. <3
Flat out ignored, biatch.

Thank you for the faves and comments so far. <3
PG is dead for a while guys. I need my comic art to improve before I continue on with this, as I'm not really happy.
Here's what I'm working on now to hone skills. Feel free to read.
So, uh. Pregen is kinda dead.
I decided to work on this to get back into comics. It's a story about Yokai in the past of Japan, clashing against each other around a small village.
I'm not so good at blurbing.
Aaron you big bag of freaky freak.
Updating again!
Whoo I suck at backgrounds~ nyehe. Hopefully they'll get better as time goes on.
Start of Aaron's Arc.
Yup, this Break page marks the end of the Prologue and the start of Chapter One of Aaron's Arc.
Eee, nice to see this comic back. <3 I can't wait for the start of chapter 3 - it's been really good so far. Keep up the good work Yoko! <3
That was such a sweet story. ;w; And even if it was rushed, it still looks great and much better than half of the stuff I've seen on here. XD <3
Oh, no! ;___; I hope she doesnt lose it while she's in the air like that!! Or, maybe he'll catch her or cushion her on a bed of flowers or something. o___o That would be so cute. XD
Eee! DDD:
So gorgeous. <3 I'm really enjoying this story, and your art is always really nice to look at. Thank you for posting it. ;w;
Congrats on 50 fans! <3
Ah, your detail and background work is amazing. I'm really enjoying this comic!
Your toning is so gorgeous. <3 I'm really enjoying this comic! XD
XD Lawl Victor. I love him already. <3
Nai Chan
August 2nd, 2008
Aw, don't feel too bad about it. It's human nature to want to dominate.
Aww, I love this comic. <3 I hope his power comes back! Maybe he lost it because he wasnt using it for good? ;__;