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I like KotOR, writing fanfic, seeing fanart, gardening, photography and reading (mostly sci-fi and fantasy.)

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Tetris will be hard for Candy with just one hand. :)
September 28th, 2006
Wheee-ha! It can't be a...prequel, can it? Or Candy gets a new arm, I guess. I was going to miss Runt. So this is great! Unless you're totally misleading us...
September 25th, 2006
Yay! Yuthura got a medal!!! Is Bastila holding hands with...gasp...Jolee!!? The fireworks and medals are great. Yay for Canny!
September 25th, 2006
Yeah!!! We need to get Candy a Bao-style arm. :) Good thing she's not bleeding everywhere.
Quite Starwarsy. I don't check in for a few weeks and BAM! Everyone's in love and about to blow up. Nice! :)
I love Candy's eyes in the last panel, BTW.
I love how they actually say Slice and Stab and all that. While I'm firmly on Runt's side for the purposes of this comic, the MAD member in me had to pause and sniff a bit. :( Poor Mallie. No more Tetris.
HAhaha! That is just the best. How you can make the maiming of an incredibly evil Sith Lord...Cute...well, it must involve the Force somehow.
YES! I wondered if Candy's training paid off. :D Although, trained Gizka can't be made into slippers later.
Yay! More spooonsabers! :D Keep up the good work! I always knew the key to the whole universe was Yuthura.
Yes! Dun dun dun...Yuthura's Cheesecakes of Doom returns! :D Runt rules.
Yeah! Evil and stuff! :D
Candy's not jealous. She's pissed that Bastila's still alive because it means Bastila's not dead. Me and Candy...we're not Bassy fans. :)
Yay! Forget that Bastila brat and get on with the eeeevil loooove!

Wait...this isn't a setup to find out Candy and Runt are siblings, is it? It would be cliche but very Star Wars to do that.
Awww! ^.^ How sweet is that! Hmmm. Maybe she'd still be pretty with her veins and sith tattoos showing...
LOL! HK and his pink bow. I want to buy Darth Malak Fabric Softener. I bet it's pink and gentle on lingerie!
Terrific revenge! Hehe. Runt's smart.
"Various people deal in absolutes, some of whom may be Sith." ROFL!!!

This is funny. I thought Ani was Runt's descendant? Are Runt and Candy sibs?
Hahaha! The 8 ball is sad...and yet it's always right! Candy does think about Carth sometimes...
Aw, just smack her, Runt. She's been needing a good smack.