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idonotgetit ;-;
It's pretty nice i might add.
Solar looks the same though...i wasn't paying attention to the shading that might be the only difference if it is one.
it must be pre-school becuz. im telling teecher on you ;-;
Atually, they represent him and his GF, its not all about sprites you know? some people have lifes.
I mean i still use paint for my sprites, but im gonna use PDN to make comics.
And im not gonna use paint to make them.
Luke, go back a few comics to my comic when i land on Zach and its too blurry or Whatever
check out my comment
i just got pdn
Can i join? i made a comic, ill use text boxes and everything, i just got PDN.
all i heard from you're comment was Erectile Disfuntion...then i thought more and only heeard Erect-Tion So goodbye ile-disfun :3 anyways, im gonna post the alternate This. it was suppodes to be this, but you posted this so i cant post that as this now. :3
He said he was gonna correct -whoever, maybe me :l-'s grammar but he cant even spell *Flaming right. lol. just lol.
Listne here Fucktard.
1. where some people live its spelled "Favourite, Armour, Colour" so he spelled it right i bet.

2.Dude, G.T.F.O. GO MAKE YOU'RE OWN SPRITES, AND AN ACCOUNT. i said in 2 make you're own sprites, if they're bad people will make comments like this, you ownt like it, so dont do it back.
Can i join?
blah blah, please blah blah.
Guess What?
Ill Join!Send Me An Invite.
So,what are you guys gonna do my request or not?
go back a few comics when you find jee bit jee bit jee bit my request was there
are you gonna fill mine?
2 things Knailsic
1.Learn how to spell and use correct grammar.*Floo Phantom *you're *comment was kinda * *Racist.Oh,and her name is Storm

2.Dude,not hating or anything,but learn to sprite,please,that thing on you're avi is hideous,and im tired of looking at it.(i know i just did like 60 compound Senteces but i dont feel like fixing it Because its 8:32 AM in the morning
is it me
or is that guy over there taking his shirt off?(guy with yellow hair)
lawl what?
its Dep8730 oh wait...lawl thats the same thing Also,im working on him,he's not a hedgehog,and i dont really care if wolfs are so last year or whatever lawl LAWL MC HAMMER :3 So,i want one of those things you did with J-Bit. like 3 different versions...then i chose -.- :3 kthxbai.