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I have 1 more plan....RUUUN press the escape key, book it, again. fleeing is always an option
NOOOOO The vases we hardly knew you but it smashed you in cold blood.But hey free money i saw those rubes nice touch because we all know vases= money
Happy 1 day early anniversary here's to many more amazing comics in the future CHEERS
Gotta go fast use that adrenaline Book it also rest in peace zoom we hardly knew you before the wall came right out of left field darn you wall DARN YOU
Cue the Darkrai that's the only place i see this going since he seems like one of their strongest members
Game face activated she means business now also she looks cool with a folded hood
Dear lord blocks everywhere looking like some midevil minecraft Gramps would definitely have died so good plan knocking the old coot out cold T.K.O
She is done she looks like she does too much and did not have her coffee today or she just did it to knock him out to stop him from getting himself killed or maybe it was an anime betrayal just as artofjoe said top 10 anime betrayals
yeesh he's only been on like 3 pages and he already almost got turned into a pancake
Welp not surprised it'a always when someone shows off that traps happen that's why you don't let old men go first and now everything is gonna go wrong so what's gonna happen a cave in giant boulder gruesome death nothing whelp guess we will just wait and see
here we go new dungeon time also the way that poped up made me get some real hollow knight vibes (i hope someone here has played it) with the name fading in then out that could just be me though
Here comes a new challenger also hi everybody here i'm new to this comic but after reading it all up to now i got to say good stuff good story likable characters and it's based on mystery dungeon oh glorious you get an 11/10
Huh never thought of that I guess that is a generally better answer than a bomb
Here's this dude who has been trying all day then this girl just walks up and solves it first try welp life be like that sometimes
All the ideas are coming to me and i just have to say YIKES Daire should be banned from all locations for that
Welp i'll never get in because i can't whistle worth a darn so i GOT A BOMB FOR THIS occasion but it looks like she's got this soooo maybe next time i'll blow a hole in a wall
AAA there it is there is always a old man in every journey he's about to say it's dangerous to go alone TAKE THIS or he's a random old man with no intel but as i said it is a music puzzle yay
I know how to open it Stand back Spit Spit OPEN SESAME.............. Well that's all i can do also new voice new character maybe or a returning character ooo suspense also if you get my reference you are my new friend