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I like grammar. And complaining.
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I get it.
i cried at that scene (book seven)
Yeah.....he tripped over his own LOVE >:O
I have all the pages finished for this comic. I'll post them at a nice pace so I can catch up with I like you.
And that's how babies are made: like, pa-ching! >:O How's that face. Safety pins are evil. I'm srsly serious.

Mark is all, "Trust me, it won't hurt...I have so many peircings I can barely feel anything :D"
Sprry about the sizing. But you couldn't see much when I saved it to 75 dpi so I was like, oh, what the heck, go to 300 dpi.

So sorry if it's a pain to look at.
REAL, DUD, OR DEATH?! Ho man. Which is it? I can't telllllll.
Laugh at the truth all you want.
I am so far fascinated.
He's afraidof getting a piercing because he thinks it will hurt. So, while doing homework, he breaks a pencil and blames it on his nervousness.
No, no, her limbs will most likely be ripped of..
Errr...look, a pecan!

I don't know. I assume so. She seems like a kind older lady who's worked there a while...
It's been over six months. Whoops.
In a perfect world, I would have finished this comic already. I was pissed off at this page and my webcomics in general. And yes, the boots are white, like a unicorn.

Oh yeah.
Pimp it.
It's emo time. I hate the last panel. I'm finishing the next page. And I pencilled the page after that. I only really did three or four pages of this comic on my vacation. I wrote another one,(completed it, too!) though, so I suppose it sort of makes up for my lack of effort on this one. After I finish this, then Close, then Pity...or maybe just update Pity, then I'll post the one I did on vacation. It's sort of in the style of this comic, but in black and white and done in rollerball pens instead of Sharpies (or ballpoint, which I can't believe I ever used to make comics -__-;;). I'm going to try to post at least two more pages here, one on Close and two on Pity before my pagaent. Paloma. We need to get together before then so I can give you your ticket. Is anyone else in your family going? Please clarify because I've probably won't answer my phone for a few days because I'll be in band camps all day (I probably could take the [ages that I'm on piano...hmm...I'll figure it out...). Okay. So yeah. Whatever.
Right...I have two more succesive pages of this to put up, but not right now. I will space it out and make you wait. I'm also doing fan art for no particular reason. Everything I do id for no particular reason. Duh.
Aw...what a way to kiss the boo-boo. Now, kiss something else, Josh.
But where would we be with out the outrageously dressed, girly men? Ah, my dears, no where. The fact is, this is a bad way for Mark to appear. His legs look horrid. I didn't mean to make them so...strange. My apologies. I hadn't noticed untill after I'd copied and redone things of this page that I saw the oddness of his body and it's strange fluidity. I really wanted him to look skinnier, so if I use my mad powers of atrocious continuity, he shoudl look better in the next few page. I'm watching Pirates of the Carribean as I work on this comic (forget all the copies I made in the beginning, I'm just doing pages all at once). and it's really inspiring me for no particular reason. I won't have many more updates after this for a while, going on vacation, but I'll be drawing for a good portion of this vacation. I'll have lots of pages, I believe.