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I cant wait, not only is your art really good but you actually know how to tell a story
Haha, a Burt Reynolds and a nom nom nom joke in ONE comic page? And they said it couldnt be done...
This reminds me of the game Stretch Panic
Thats just...beyond hilarious.
your art got way better. Great job :)
Sorry for the wait.

Yep, Mannimarco's in this (the sexy beast). He's one of my fav characters.

haha, Thanks
I had to re-do this page
I agree, I need to fav this
lik omg
words?? yeah, I actually decided to add them.
It's called sarcasm. I heard it's popular these days.
lol really char? I had no idea >.>

But in seriousness, you shouldn't post this here. Put this on one of those free manga sites, they'll appreciate it there.
Todays the day I stop procrastinating on this. I planned on making an Oblivion comic for a while but never got around to it. Hope this works out.

btw, I love that you can make author comments right on the upload page. Brutal.
I used to be a huge vampire fan before twilight. Theyre not supposed to make out with you, unless theyre eating your toung, literly.
i LOVE you. i thought I was reading poorly written fan fiction from I couldn't even finish the book.
September 27th, 2008
it kind of makes me sad because you know the little kids on sj arent going to get it.

I was just being a smart ass when i searched for scrubs on sj, i dint think there'd really be one.

todays going to be a great day...