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A smol person that needs the views for comics! Nothing special
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Hi again! Sorry I haven't updated this in a while, I've been busy with personal stuff :-\. But I'm back and with the rough sketch for the first comics cover update!
He made a Scorbunny joke! It's awesome! Also FIRST!
So I have some big news for you all! Hybo is getting back on the ropes and is returning in December! So I'll finally be continuing this comic! So before you all start asking me a crap ton of questions, let me explain the meat of this comic's updates.

First of all, you all might be asking "Will this interfere with PMD: TSFS?" Well let me answer it for you. No! This will not interfere with PMD: TSFS. Although this won't interfere with PMD: TSFS, pages will still be delayed. But no, this will not interfere with that comic.

Next, I'm looking for co-authors! Now I'm only enabling co-authors so I can come up with new characters. If you want to be a co-author follow me on Deviant Art The maximum number of co-authors is three! So feel free to follow me on there.

Lastly, I'm starting a mini series called Hybo: Recharged! So I'm looking for illustrators so this mini series can have a different art style! This mini series will follow the once happy lives of Mayriss, Cachorka, and Flinnora. So I need supporting illustrators to help me with cover art and pages. The maximum number of one to two illustrators and a maximum of three authors. Remember to follow me on Deviant Art!

So that's all of the Hybo news I've got ever since June! I hope you all are excited for the momentous return of Hybo!
Not to be a pain in the butt or anything, but did Mew just make a Steven Universe reference with that last comment
Why thank you! I'm glad you like my art style. I make the characters as simple as I can.
Thank You
That really inspires me to keep going!
Amy's Hizzy! Also FIRST!!
Otterkit? If it's not a real Warrior cats name.
Amethyst's home.
The poor dear
She's so pretty!
First Typo
Box #7 is supposed to say "...if I don't know what powers I possess."
Make a mental note.
Paige will appear in several chapters and Sunburst's bonus chapter!
There are a total of five more comics I've got in mind!