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Hi i'm Silvia I'm 16 and live in North Wales in the Uk

11/04/06 I've just had the strangest revalation guinea pig poo floats ^_^ god i feel enlightened
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ooooh teddy-vision that would be weird
Curse that damn song
You know this comic keeps reminding me of 'Don't Fear the Reaper' by blue oyster cult

Damn i'm gonna have that stuck in my head all day now XP
lol i love discworld pratchett is so good just re-reading pyramids at the mo XD

not quite how i pictured Scrofula though ;-P
thats a prime example of why you should learn when to stop XD
good luck with your new project i will follow it with interest. Bit disapointed this is gone but i'll keep it in my fav's just incase ;P
lol i missed this while i was on holiday this is the one good thing about getting back to school methinks XD
that would be so fun go on steve do it! XD
OMFG love the new banner poor theo
lol i haven't seen bill nye in ages XD
that is a nice hat *nods*
ouch stapling a soul that sounds painful O_o
dead lemming in the water cooler how the heck did you come up with that LMFAO >_<
YAY you got to the big 50 man you were rigth that figh scene was badass
omg cant wait XD
no don't just let them walk away that would be no fun ^_^

anyway i'd qiute like to see drake take on these villigers especially ifit involves getting Fitz

Beau Beau looks like hes annoyed in this page, Drake should call him by his name not just 'the horse' ^_^

so all in all another wonderful page ^_^
300 O_O
yay 300 comics well done you. Love the poem at the end too XD
lmfao brilliant absolutly brilliant
yeh drake looks funny in that last panel it that awkward guilty look you get when you've doe something you shouldnt have like when you've broken something not admitted it and now someones found out (heh bad experience)
rofl i have to remember that one
heehee akward silence...god i hate when that happens XD
yay an update on my birthday ^_^ jeez drakes rather miserable, it must be that time of the month XD