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I've been a fan of comic strips since I learned to read and a fan of webcomics since I learned they exist. In terms of genres, I'm big on sci-fi and fantasy, and many of my favorite works involve anthros. My own comic, "Downscale," involves animals with a low level of anthropomorphism. It began in early 2007 on Comic Genesis. Now that CG is basically defunct, here I am.
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    Stephen Gilberg
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Paper Panic
You might think Aspen is overreacting, since she was planning to rewrite the paper anyway, but she still wants to use her first draft as guidance. Besides, the mere chance that something of hers, in the place she calls home, could be obliterated when she wasn't looking is pretty alarming.
Reptilian Repetition
Don't worry; this won't be Aspen angrily mis-accusing Ivy of theft again.
Eye of the Beholder
I don't normally think of Aspen and Virgil as ugly, even when I look at earlier drawings of them. But their species are not among the comelier to most humans, and cuteness does not prevent ugliness.
Hear, Hear, Hate
I hadn't set out to create this enigma. Somehow, it just didn't feel right for two characters to gang up on another. You might count the attempts to steal from Kody or to exorcise Aspen, but those weren't so hostile.
Fable Foible
Until I started on this comic, I actually didn't know any more about Aesop's relevant fable than that the two mice experienced culture clash. Now I understand that the moral involves choosing between safety and luxury. In that sense, Umberto is more of a "country mouse" after all.
A Study in Contrasts
In case you didn't figure it out, Aspen guessed wrong about how close these two have gotten. They'd have to get past some differences that are hard to reconcile. Of course, some romantic comedies are all about that....
It Takes a Thief
Virgil could have pointed out that Aspen herself has stolen things, but he steals more often, so he normally doesn't think of her that way. Besides, this strip was already text-heavy without that elaboration.
Color by Number
Yeah, the numbers for clarifying the order of dialog were an afterthought. Normally, when I have three or more speech bubbles in one panel, I put them close enough together that it should be obvious. This time, it would have been too crowded. The colors are just to avoid sheer monochrome.
Snakeskin Salacious?
When Aspen was rattling (heh) off various uses Ivy might have for a discarded skin, she didn't come up with a fetish. Well, I can think of at least one time in the past that Aspen proved slow to consider the possibility that someone wasn't straight....
Pun? Please
I don't know which you're more likely to find offensive: the mental image or the wordplay. The last line was an afterthought to help "sell" this strip.
Snake's Snap Judgment
The few interactions we've seen between Ivy and Umberto have been awkward, and not in a meet-cute sort of way. They might be friends by now, and at least one of them is open to interspecies romance, but this quickly? Aspen must have an exaggerated idea of them both.
Credit No Entry
In case you doubt the veracity of Aspen's first clause, recall that the hole to the outside has no door, much less a lock; nor are there convenient objects for a barricade. Aspen could threaten Ivy, but that hasn't been much of a deterrent to date. That said, Ivy did ask to come in (unlike most mice), and if Aspen had refused, that probably would've been the end of it. Maybe Aspen's oversimplifying the situation because she doesn't care to explain it further to Virgil. Maybe she could hardly explain it to herself.
They Don't Drown?
To some extent, Virgil is expressing his perennial irritation at humans having a more negative view of rats than of mice. He also just wants an excuse not to deal with Ivy if he can help it.
Speaking of Convenient Timing
I received sad personal news shortly the day I made this strip. That tends to put me off humorous writing for a while. Fortunately, I had thought up this script unusually early in the week, so no filler or hiatus was needed.
Chipping In
That's supposed to be a Ruffles-type potato chip. I was planning to use an Eagles Snack for a zoological quip, but then I realized how long it had been since I'd thought of that brand. Sure enough, it's discontinued. Pity.
@awgiedawgie: Maybe she shouldn't have her eyes closed in the last panel.
Innuendo Interaction
Humor based on "unintentional" innuendo is tricky to pull off. Too subtle and the humorist looks like an exceptional perv; too unsubtle and the audience wonders how the speaker(s) didn't notice. I hope this works.
Oy, the Ointment
It's unusual for Aspen to be quicker on the uptake than Ivy, but she has spent more time around Umberto.
@awgiedawgie: Any steps should be impossible for a snake. ;)
Merciful Milestone
Aspen finally apologizes to Ivy! True, it would be better if she also apologized for being so stingy with an item she was planning to throw away, but this first step was already a challenge.