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Sometimes I draw things. Sometimes I open up and make odd, misshapen things that could be loosely interpreted as sprites. And sometimes, I write stories based on fandoms or things that just pop in my head.

Once in a blue moon, when the planets align, all this may lead to a comic. Or TF2.
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Mega seems to have a very well-modeled buttocks.

Also, what on earth is that pink thing? Some kind of raising platform?
Making drama, up in here. This is how I create it, making people rage at each other like men... Mobians... lizards, aliens, whatever.

So that's Dart, the communications guy that Tarmac spoke to in my first page. Canon info, these two were members of a small merc guild not unlike the Chaotix before everything went to hell. Tarmac's sister, Carla, was their... manager, for lack of a better term.

Whereas Duo and Reel were just drafted into military because... reasons.

Anyway, this will lead up to a few things. I love building suspense, which, admittedly, is hard in collabs like this.

Also, 4x-sized eyes are hard. And maybe too thin here.
Gysuki seems to have everyone's behinds (sic) covered these days.

Anyway, you can probably expect an actual comic from me within a week or so. Apologies for my inactivity; real life has been playing dodgeball with my face the last few months.

I'm sure everyone's just dying to know what my team's been up to. At very least, Reel Man.
@Master_72 : Capcom's news blog.

A while back, they'd posted a bunch of MM10 concept art for different beta designs of the RMs, most of which are awesome and deserve to be fully sprited. Most of Solar's concept designs are mostly the same save for the little sun thing on his head. I just found this particular one the most striking.

On the subject, that headpiece was a bitch to sprite properly. I still think there might be something wrong with it... somewhere. o3o
Didn't I say. DIDN'T I SAY?!


I've done a few of these. Working on it mainly as a skin for MM8BDM, but thought it was pretty cool in general, so it's here.

So I'm getting sucked back into spriting and comic-making again. Got some wonderful ideas for a new Megaman story, and you can expect Almost Scrap to make its triumphant return within the next few weeks.

Also, because I can never have enough ongoing projects and I'm a multicomicwhore, Ask the RMs will be opened up soon for questioning of the resident super fighting robots.

Lastly, because I enjoy making long-ass author comments, the new MM comic I'll be writing for will eventually need cameos of the variety of nameless citizens. The comic will follow much the same canon route as Djoing's "Mega" series, from the perspective of a few... less noble individuals. At this point, I've yet to decide whether it would end up being sprited, or if I have the time and resources to dabble in making a fully hand-drawn comic. I'm leaning toward the former atm, as sprites allow me to accept cameos and update more regularly. Stay tuned for updates and some fun new sprites from me as well.

MEGA CONCEPT COMIC : (Link coming soon!)
September 10th, 2013
Physically, yes. Mentally? Nope.

In terms of personality, I thought the RMs varied enough to warrant at least one scatterbrained kid. Top just happens to be based on what is essentially a toy, so... why not.

The same logic is what makes guys like Stone and Pump Man into old farts.
September 4th, 2013
... Top, stop it. Just... stop being such a kid.

... He's just so damn adorable, guys.
Actually, there's plenty of people that have yet to update. Gysuki and Omni have only posted once, and Slade, SAG and Orange have yet to post. Waluigi0bros hasn't posted since we got to the base. Correct me if I missed something.

... Not to put words in anyone's mouths, but I think they'd prefer deciding what to do with their characters on their own, or at least have some input before you put them in your comic.
I lose my net for two days, and you manage to piss off the entire military unit.

... That's it, I'm not leaving you guys alone any more. xD
I just can't not update, I know.

So this is Reel Man. He can do some weird shiz with that camera of his. He's an awful fighter, but he tends to abuse his Motion Stop and hologram abilities to cheat. His holograms usually have some intense discoloration, but are incredibly lifelike and still able to hurt you.

He's also prone to small psychotic outbursts where he kicks the closest thing to him in the groin. If it has one.

At the moment, he has... uh, like, four sprites. But hey, he needed to get his butt in there.

EDIT: I got dem over here.
- Tarmac ain't in the mood for your introductions.

- Poor Lemon; having to drag Blake's unconsious body around.

- Aaron must be some kind of pain magnet. He almost got shot in the foot this time.

- I finally used that chicken that I wanted to use so badly. My life is now complete.

- Not all the soldiers are as blind or unfriendly as Ritchie.

- Duo'mouk will fit through that door. Somehow.


Base interior (staircase area waaaaay over to the right) (if ye so desire):
... I totally keep forgetting to post here. I'll take that next comic if no one else is planning something.
... I should just quit with the title puns now before it becomes too Hard to stop.

... Oh, god.
Chapter two begins!
... I can explain.

Remember the TV on the far side of the in ZXA?

You see the TV image?

<img src=>
Tell me what that looks like.

Capcom, you dirty bastards.
Okay, I lied. THIS is the last page of the chapter. Page. Panel. Pointless filler. Whatever.

... I think we might've broken Tornado Man.
And thus ends the first chapter. So many little things that I like about this page, particularly that I get to show Wily's... erm, nicer and more inspirational side. If you overlook the megalomania.

Truly a <url=>Father to his Men</url>, eh?
Important: Please read comment.
... That name's a real mouthful, isn't it?

He's a complex character, but then, most of mine are. Note that the M'galekgolo don't speak "English/Basic", as they have no vocal chords with which to... well, speak. Instead, Duo communicates mainly through grunting noises and vibrations generated through the spines on his back. This can only be understood by characters who are able to pick up such frequencies and understand them, such as robots, or in Tarmac's case, being sensitive to them.

In other words, it will probably just sound like he's gargling milk. Not to worry, Tarmac can translate for you.
< I am already excited to kill more fodder! >

Easy, Duo...