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I make Pie the Comic. I also am the author and artist on 50 thousand million side projects I start and leave to fester in their juices.
Play it safe and Read Pie.
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I'm 99% certain I'm fluent in Cat-speak because I have a brief yet informative conversion with one of my cats every day before bed and when I wake up.
Oh, geez, I didn't even know this was over. I guess nows the time to catch up where I stopped reading.

Really glad you kept with this comic all the way; I really didn't expect to enjoy it as much as I did when I found it but it was really, really well done.
Operation Purgatory Aborted
often times a patient in a deep vegetative state like this will show spikes of brain activity but remain comatose. It's perfectly normal.
This comic speaks to me and my current lack of sleep and accompanying insomnia.
@Vitotamito: Looks like Flash.
Neato x2, you're back again!
I went the way of the dinosaur. Boned.
Marginally serious; more a "why rainbow" than "why is her hair rainbow'd". I don't like rainbows. This comic, though, is growing on me. You deserve commendations.
On the one hand I feel like I could like this comic. On the other hand, why is her hair rainbow colored?
July 6th, 2012
I feel like one update a year is plenty. My surplus is glorious.
just noting, this was re-done awhile ago as I wholeheartedly agreed with the critical assessment of this fine guest down below.
What about Christmas in July?
Well, they can take this one if they want.
Neat plot advancement.
This page looks awesome. well done.
Nice coloring job on the last bunch of pages.
I concur.
Deleted. I'll erase page and renumber comics as needed on a later date.