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I'm 14 (2009-2010), I like to draw (duh.) and I'm an ANIME-FREAK.

So yeah...I'm a super lazy-ass person. But here are some definite comic ideas:
2) Vampire Knight Comic/Vampire Knights of Black Light Academy
3) My Muse
4) and more~
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Your style is amazing. ;] I like this so far.
Yay! Updates. :]
I love how you draw, ewroin!
Yep, one of the characters. Just a doodle that I was too lazy to make into a completed art.
Prologue's donnnneeee. FINALLY.
Real art and pages to come soon. After I write more script/written version of The Wall. :] I have to decide if I want to do chapters too. Depends on the length of each chapter, actually.

@Tox: Haha! I can't wait to see everyone's.
@soren: Heyya!
Cooooll :]]
I'm gonna make my OC soon too. ... I'm deciding what addiction I want them to have. xD

ps. As my icon states, I'm Jen. Nice to meet you~
Two more prologue pages~
I'm expecting 3 more pages! And then we get some type of art-art. Not just a scribble like sketch with halftone and blur filters on us. Possibly some colored pages too!

So yeah, after the prologue, it may take a while (couple days, a week--) to finally draw and plan out how I want to draw the pages. This is probably the farthest I've gone in ONE of my OWN comics (Dreamland Collab, has 4 pages of comics from me)

I want to get better at this! Thanks for like 4 fans in one day, aka 2 pages. :] I love you guys!
Kay kay
Another page.
The prologue should be maybe 5-7 pages. I don't know. Depends on how much I cram text and effort... and this page is like ... 0.7% of my effort. xDD

... Yeah.
Crappy cover is crappy.
Emo - sad - annoying - dramatic - shoujo / josei - comic this is. :]


ps. *coughs* first couple pages are prologue/words and black-n-white. DDD:
Umm, Fan, you may want to grayscale your pic. It's still kinda green.

Or... here:
LOLLLLL. Bunnez.

Anyhoo, coolio! COLLAB, COME BACK TO LIFEEE!! My 5th page will be up soon. It's in linearting atm.
My fourth page lol. Almost done with jen/mars scenes. One or two more pages. I want to let you guys to know more of my and Mars' personalities.

ps. if I were to do comics for energy, it would look 30% more better than this. Better shades, better font, and the overall look, altogether.


[ stock used for bg: ]
I wanna finish up my part with Markell! xDD'' I'm gonna sketch up some more to finish it.
Well. That's the last of my updates. xDD Err, I'm gonna go make some cup ramen for my bro. BYE!
Damn, It cut off.
Many apologies about that. >__>''

And yeah. Sorry if you can't read my handwriting! ^^;
I updated. With 3 pages that are OLD AND SHIITTTTYYY.

Enjoy. :]