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I'm more of a writer than an artist, but I don't believe I suck at it, so why not make an attempt to publish a webcomic? ^^! I'll have something up as soon as school decides to let up a bit.
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Mint <3
Gosh darn it, I love Mint! Sorry, sorry I disappeared from Smackjeeves for a while. This comic still makes me laugh. I like your style, there's just something nice about it! Keep up the awesome work, I'll be here to see more!
You know, I'm starting to think that the female characters are representations of Kea, and yes, that dark-haired male does look suspiciously like Zoshi...hmm...I can't wait for the next panels! <3
This is amazing!
I love this comic! I hope you update soon. The love triangles and the emotions are spectacular. I can't wait till the next update, but I understand that this kind of stuff takes time. I love this and am now a loyal follower!
Why? ^^
First of all: still amazing! I'm glad that you share this story with us. It's beautiful dramatic and climatic. I'm on the edge of my seat awaiting some other twist in the plot.

Now for why I like Oberon. He's a little forward, I admit, but he seems to genuinely care. He's seems like the only character really there for her, you know? He realizes she's going to get hurt, allows that, but makes up for it. He's sweet and I don't care if she is Psyche, I would love to see her with Oberon, not Eros. He seems to deserve her more.

Oberon is the cocky, sweet guy, who is secretly so passionate it blows your mind, at least, that's what I perceive. He's Oberon.
Dun Dun!
She shouldn't have turned around...I agree, but ah, where would we get our enjoyment, but from her foiled plans. She shouldn't have tried...she knew somehow she was going to fail.
This story just gets more interesting and exciting the more I read it. XD! I love those lips too! I wish mine looked like that!
It came out wonderful! I love it! He is cute and sorta sweet, even though he chased away all her prior boyfriends.
I disappeared for months, but I've returned! The comic is getting more heated for sure. Good luck with your job hunting and I hope that you can continue to update. I'll wait patiently as always for updates. And Kea...YOU HAVE BEEN DISCOVERED...Zoshi is just cool like's like part of his appeal skillz!
Wow, it's been a while since I've been here. I love this, though, still. I'm glad I returned! This beautiful, I can truly see the improvements you've made.
Nah, no worries. What an update it is. It leaves me wanting to know what happens next. In the last panel, I really like her facial expression. Is she dead? In her final moments? Awesome update. I'll waiting happily for the next no matter the amount of time that must pass.
Uh oh, Hyde...have you been found out? >.>...I think she was very pretty with the lighter hair and whatnot. ^^! Can't wait till the next update!
This is hilarious. The way the last panel looks is amazing. I love it. That guy watching, though...something's going on...
Awesome like always! I loved it. It was so funny! ^.^
I like Coach Jecht. Very sexy. ^//^. I'd sign up for his class and then probably fail because I'd ogle him. lol. I love your style of drawing, it reminds me of something, but I can't put my finger on it.
I agree with you. That last panel is something. I love this type of art. Very dark and ancient feeling. I know I already said that, but I had to repeat it. You are absolutely amazing.
That guy in the second panel is like, "She's my idol". And yeah, now she'll take over. Go her or him, or whatever! Glad you're doing better, Angi!
Yeah, whitechocolate, I know. I just had to get that out. ^^. I wouldn't be a great story without the betrayal, and I can't wait till her motivation is revealed. You're very welcome for the comment and this is awesome! Yay, Reese/Sophie!
Tea in the sea? Nice, yes, enchanted waters. ^^ Very nice. Yay a colored page!
He doesn't look happy at all...but hey, I'd scream like that too if a snake fell in the water...and yeah...I'd be screaming now in embarrassment. This is amazing art. I love it! Can't wait till you update again, this one was massive. Thanks!
Hyde is beginning, no, no, has already grated my nerves...I know Tern can be a little brat sometimes, but he's a good person on the inside. I know it! And Hyde...there are things I want to call her...anyway...she better redeem herself or something, like oh...stop being loyal to Tern's cousin...yes.