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December 16th, 2008
@ Raxby
Nope. Their name will be the name of the comic. Look up the definition and you'll see why.
December 16th, 2008
Yeah, they don't have TVs, so they have plays of all of the good shows. Such as Scooby Doo.
December 15th, 2008
Hah, thanks everyone. Also, I chose the the title both for them and for me.
Yes my fans... attack the non-believer....

No, I'm just kidding.
I'd first like to thank all of you for sticking up for my comic and agreeing with me.
And Rebellion, we already had this conversation and I'm not having it again.
Working hard as advice from someone too lazy to sign in?
I'm sorry for how text heavy and boring this one is, but I needed to set up the back story.
That's true. Waddle-Doo's true desire will be granted. But what are Link and Navi's true desires?
Yeah, I noticed that in this one. It's pretty bad, ok in most, but this one they are askew.
@Rebellion: I didn't think you sounded that bad. Everyone is entitles to their own opinion, and ours differ, that's all.

And thanks a lot Tasher, I won't dissapoint you.
Well, they are ripped from the One Piece GBA game. My bro and I ripped most of them, so we haven't uploaded them. But a lot of them can be found at the One Piece Online Forums. sk=t&sd=a&hilit=background&start=15
Dude, think what you want, you don't have to read this comic if you feel that way. Yes, advice is all well and good. I just didn't even attempt to recolor, because honestly I don't see the point. Give some sprite different colored hair and clothes and they are different? No, they aren't. No matter how differently colored the sprites are, they are the same. It's in the personality you give them, there's what makes them unique. It's about giving them strengths and weaknesses so as to make them both relatable and fun to watch.

And you think I didn't think of drawing? I'm a terrible artist. I wish I could, but the fact is I can't, so I go with sprites.

A simple hair color change won't make them more original.
Then don't fav it. I'm pretty sure it's still more original then you think. How many other sprite comics with a Tales of the World 3 style do you see around here?
I pretty much use Tales of the World 3 for the characters, and all of the backgrounds have been Shonen Jump's One Piece for the GBA. As for cameos, I'm not really using them because I have a lot of the story thought out in my head.
Link jumping might come in handy some day... Although he does fairly well without it. Poor poor Link, lost without a basic function.
Just give it time. I'll get in the swing of things, get to know the characters. Can't really judge off 3 comics.
So There You Have It
Now you finally know the main character's name, Steu. It's pronounced Stew, just spelled different. And Nev is his ghost buddy.
Even dead ogre bodies? They must weigh a ton! Now I know who to call when there are dead bodies around.
Check the news post.
Ummm, I'm not sure what the top part of your post means... and no I did not play it, just found the sprites because they fit.
Please...destroy those turtles. Although we will hear something worse than L33T Speak... the L33T screams of incredibly nooby turtles.