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I burn hole in my pretty pockets everytime I go out shopping. Mainly because the pens and pencils here cost more then a pair of trousers (literary speaking). Anyways,I happily (proudly) announce that I'm from south east asia, so, please forgive me if my artwork are so...foreign. Ahaks... Well, that's all 'bout lil me, I guess.. Chowz!
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catqueen~ you're still around. ^_^ glad to hear from you. hehe...

this is still in the cave. in case anyone's wondering where they are.
I miss drawing~ its been so long. lolz. even ppl in my fav list havent updated since 2/3 years back. ^^;;
but now im back, im determine to continue. muahaha...
i actually like how the shading is done here. ^_^. will b looking forward for updates.
woohoo..... my fav page.
sorry, i didn't mean to bully ava. this is really fun. i had to stuff loads of words in this page. ^_^.
and almost the end of part 1 of ch2.

the bowl in the center is filled with blood. and it flows from down to up. nyaha.

oh, and read it from left to right. means.... all the words at the left partition first, then right.
every fairy tale stories usually have faeries in it. I want one too! so then,the little fairy/maya is Ava. hehe... little Ava. (from the earlier page) Yeay, you get to see her in baby age. lolz.
ohoohoh... intriguing.
oh.... ahaha... reveals.
he smiled~ OMG..he smiled!! ah... wrong person. ahaha... reading on..
OMG... hw in the world did you do all the humans.... *dies*
i know you too!!He's mine!!
^_^ hehe...
this is the past. may i repeat myself, the past. ^_^ as in, flashback. just in case anyone is lost.

and thanks alot for those that is still sticking around.
a portrait of one of my character. Ava, the queen's head army.
thank you for being patience with me... there will be many new characters coming up in her majesty's dream state. so, i hope no one gets confused.
hehe... an update on my birthday. ^^
Hi all...
first off, sorry for not updating for a while. It is after all, a holiday project, so I will resume update the moment holiday starts.

aaaand, introducing Taurus(the portrait above), the queen's most trusted royal guards. Also is one of the 12 hidden zodiak (ah.. there's one spoiler for ya.)
Curse Reminiscence
This is the second part of the Cursed Chronicles. ^_^
Ive always wanted a tablet. Hehe.... nice colors by the way.
Ived juz started reading this. I think you have a great storyline. Cant wait for the next update. ^^
The long awaited update. Ahaha..
mm... i think that's about what i was thinking of doing..i need support.. haha.