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I think Nathan is more concerned about Amy than Amy...
Amy and Gary... no longer sitting in a tree
Doesn't everyone just hate being talked about that way? Apparently Nathan does too...
A book... how exciting...
Disclaimer: the picture of classroom was taken from the internet (google "manga highschool" and you'll see it). Because I am a lazy ass.
Piu piu
I love everything about this page :)
Oh wow not a gentleman at all :/
Nice to meet you.
Over the past couple of years I have always thought of the beginnings of stories every here and there. I have had snapshots of certain moments I wanted to convey as parts of the stories.

But I'd always have trouble keeping the story alive. I'd stop imaging what the characters do sometimes after they meet each other.

So I've decided to just start a series of short stories, about how people came to know each other. Like how we brush shoulders with one another everyday. Who cares if we then pass by and never make contact ever again? All I want to do is capture the moments that we came together.

I'm trying to figure out how to draw panel comics with my ipad, so updates may be irregular. So stick around, and we'll see what unfolds :)
Love love love
This page is BEAUTIFUL! (especially chris's hand and the cup... Holy gee I am in so much love with the cup!)
Such a cute story!
your art is insanely cute too~~

can't wait to see more from you!
aww, sir russell just pwned jun : )
wow. good luck on getting it published! :)
Let's go celebrate.
HII i need some serious background... don't i?

so,how are your summers so far? been any place fun? (i'm kinda stuck at home... and too lazy to get out ehh)

comments/ratings welcomed! thanks for your favs~
He's only a silhouette because he's not important.

Dun worry i'm still mentally stable... maybe. Okay, so this page took me a while to think up, but during this time i also thought up the next 4 pages so it's all good : )

expect update tmrw! thanks for 38+ fans! <3
aww Haru is too cute : )lol pandas and kangaroos...
oh my looks like he got a date soon :D
Sorry for the wait!
Here's page 11. More jack <3

after my exam next week, i ll probably update more frequently. i cant promise anything tho cause i need to plan the story a bit as of next page. shouldnt take too long tho : )

thanks for 35+ fans! i love you guys~~ please comment!

@black sesame: lol yeah... i like jack :3
hmm, never thought about it that way.
happy bday!!!
July 17th, 2010
heyy~ go do whatever you desire, you shall be supported <3
nice naruto legs btw : )
July 7th, 2010
HII!!! 1st comment! <3
nice page! : ) esp that naruto panel on the bottom : )
OMG PAGE 10!!!
here's MARY from like.. 3 pages ago lol
anyway, here's the whole team (Rain Jack Mary Iris)

@Nanayuki:thanks for your support <3
WOOT! new page! yay for moving forward!
did i ever mention i like clarice's hair? (even tho she's my love rival -_- *sigh*james*sigh*)