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Hello! My name is Nite. Not Night or Knight...just Nite. I love drawing, techno, manga/anime, vampires, fashion, musicals,and Victorian London. I lack imagination and face writer's block a lot. I'm an all around nerd (but I'm pretty-if I do say so myself!), and people call me emo. I don't like labels. If anything I'm more preppy than emo. My current obsession is the color pink. I like boys and funny Death Note parodies. :3
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oooooo nice!
i like his rainbow wing :3
Ah, it's Casper!
I like his face!
Wh00t updates!!!
I happen to like this page, sometimes sketchy adds a certain type of... look, you know?
I like how your characters look :3 !
Very unique!
That is the definition of Irony
Congrats! Don't worry, that joke is surprisingly funnier than you would think! :3
My friend has Meagan's haircut :3
Omg! He's so sexy and innocent! Too bad it will all be taken away (0_0)
Hmmm...winnings, eh? I have an idea of what THOSE might be XD
i love the manga! I have a friend exactly like Nakatsu! Im totally faving and i love the coloring on this page! (^_^)