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Hello viewers. I have been inactive here at SmackJeeves for quite a while. My music webcomic, Sus4 Life, pretty much stopped updating. I apologize to its fans!


I and a good friend of mine have been collaborating on a *hopefully* new breed of comic style. The first ten pages of Chapter One are complete (with author Justin Banks). The title of the forthcoming comic is called SKEPSIS, and its new author is Matthew Hachey (Taonas on here, I believe).

For those who have read Sus4 Life, you'll notice that I will be adopting a more mature style of artwork for this graphic novel.

Why do I say it's a new breed of comic style? Well, let's just say, being a fan of Salvador Dali inspired me a little. That's right. The main key to this comic is going to be SURREALISM at its max. Something doesn't make sense? It should be like that. For example, one of the first characters you will see is so fat...the fat literally drips off of him. He's gluttonous.

Anyway, I hope to post this comic once Chapter One is finished, or nearly finished. I have yet to create the cover pages. I will hopefully be creating character profiles to post up soon.
March 9th, 2009
Tung is so scary awesome
February 8th, 2009
October 16th, 2008
I hope Mephistopheles is Swedish.
October 10th, 2008
I really enjoy this comic, actually. I hope sometime you include your idea of the four horsemen of the apocalypse :P. Teehee!
September 5th, 2008
You did a GREAT job coloring this page!
July 6th, 2008
I have been DYING to see this villain in the comic!
May 16th, 2008
Hehe this page is very well-done color wise. I really like the way you color.

The only well, problem, or criticism/suggestion I pointed out is in the first panel with the guy playing the flute. How exactly is he...holding it? Generally the thumbs are supposed to support the weight of the flute to keep it held in your mouth...
You may want to place the text bubble where he's asking "why are you shaking your head" to where HE is. It looks like she's saying it :P
Hahaha that was great!!!
December 17th, 2007
I just read the whole comic, and I'm amazed at how much improvement you've made throughout the whole thing. Proportions can still use some work here and there, but all in all, lovely story.
OMG why aren't other people commenting on this? This is BEAUTIFUL!
Hey dude. This is a general comment on your whole comic! :) Don't worry I won't bash you.

Anyway, I find the content of this comic quite good. It makes me giggle. However, the actual graphical content burns my eyes at times :S. Yeh might want to try using fonts/colors that won't like...stand out as much as they already do. Try to reduce using bright green. Try white with black outline? Bright green with outline might work..

Anyway, just wanted to suggest lol. Great comic.
Ya know, the story would probably stay a good story without her having to die or whatever. The guy holding her captive and his brother don't seem serious enough about it.
I <3 you guys.
Oh Dustin...don't get your hopes up
lmao Caz!!!

Looks like our green-haired buddy's turning into a stud muffin. Well, he IS a stud muffin, but he's MY stud muffin :P (that's right, I said it).
About freaking time you update!!!
Hahaha yes! Much has changed in the actual lives of these characters. Heehee freakish green-haired guy... :P I love this character.

I would have another comic up during this break too but Alex didn't send me a draft for it. I really don't know where the story's going after this one actually.
Wow...that was the best damn thing I've read in a while.
Hello dear readers!

So, this is the end of the emo storyline for now. The next storyline involves something I think even the fictional band's been looking forward to for a while...the search for a VOCALIST! Yes, that's right. We've got a lot of surprises for you coming up!

In terms of the Smackjeeves site here, I believe it needs to be revamped. What I mean is...well, having it still on the default colors and stuff is making it look like crap. I have plans on how I'm going to make this look better so keep your eyes peeled.

We have new characters and such coming up as well. I'm also thinking about re-drawing all of the ones we have now in a newer fashion considering I think I improved a hell-load since like, last year when I started this thing.

Anyway, enjoy the rest of the holidays!