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yay~ i'm loving this fight! go tiger-man!! and rin's little "tah-hee-hee" thing is just so adorably disturbing.
HAH! oh, good stuff.
I'm glad you updated, can't wait for the next one!
he doodled a picture on the entrance exam bubble sheet and miraculously made a 100, right??
so cool so cool! love the lil' lion in the bg, so cute!!
you do hands very well. and your lines are very clean. I haven't read anything with this style of art in a while, it's very nice. :3
Oh Irony, we meet again!
lol, "at least you on top" gosh, how true
i found the best way to solve this particular problem is to feed them :P
my supersenses are tingling~!
this must be a trap!
January 16th, 2010
i can't get through! i think it's impossible, >.< lol
January 16th, 2010
lol, not quite mr. robot xDD
love your style, it's adorable!! very cute and simple, love the story line, very refreshing from the LOLSEXVIOLENCELOL streak that smackjeeves has going on, xD
lol, kani the string bean is made of win. and plus your speedy updates make me enormously happy!! your style is so adorable, love it~
January 11th, 2010
beautiful painting technique! absolutely gorgeous!!
Delpin ftw :D
Shabam, show 'em what your made of!
Hmm, i wonder what he likes to do xD
i will tell the future and say astir will make a big fool of himself, and deny it horribly!!! 8D
these are absolutely beautiful! i'm so happy you've finally started up again!!! -cries tears of joy-
oh kurt!
we all know you're laughing at astir on the inside! go ahead! let it out, stop being so nice!
I agree!
With Statistic. An update would be very goodly right about now.