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Reading, writing, drawing, commenting, making new friends, roleplaying, cging, cooking, video games, etc. etc. XD
Dat General.
Am I the only one noticing Samekh's hawtness in the back?

DEM. TOES. -jizzfais-
Nice! I love to see comic artists using traditional mediums. I know you can work with graphite but now I see you can work with watercolor, to. c: I love the even washes, the vibrant colors, composition, everything is gorgeous and shines with your style. Keep up the good work!
The only one..
I'm probably going to be the only fan disappointed by the news that there will be more Richard and Henry instead of Liam and Ed.
The ending of this comic...I don't know, I sort of found that inevitable once you started taking longer breaks and became more lazy with your pages (understable when you're just not in possession of time like you used to be). So on this note, I've come to terms.

Yet to hear it's going to remain focused on the older couple when the comic was originally supposed to be about Liam? It bugs me. But who am I, just one disappointed fan out of many? I will say this comic had a nice run. Good luck with all of your other plans.
I wish I were one of the few to have tried real vanilla before. ;A;
Anyway, when I hear the word 'vanilla' the first thing that comes to my mind is when I wake up in the mornings and smell French Vanilla coffee brewing in the coffee maker.
Gaaaaaaaaawd that's one of the most awesome ways to wake up in the world. Not to mention the actual taste of the coffee; refreshing and awakening in a very pleasant way! Next to french vanilla, though, is Hazel Nut coffee for me. ><

Ah, and my favorite flavor for ice cream and milkshakes and things like that has pretty much always been a variation of vanilla and/or something with it. Vanilla is awesome in every shape and form (even lotion, handsoap, and candles!).
I swear, when I read 'doom' on Lucifer's undies, Invader Zim's voice came in my head and was all like, "Doooooooooom."
And this is why you don't leave your kids with their aunts and uncles. They'll be more open to asking the tough questions and your siblings will be put in a tough situation. HAHA.

...And vague and suggestive answers will be given and then your kid will grow up with innocent innuendo for vocabulary and wonder why he's always in so much trouble for what he says! Dun DUN DUUUUUN!
I think Bler shares your opinion, from the looks of it lol.
Lol, he looks like he's tripping down the stairs.
You're really good at making outfits and toning clothes. =)
'YeaaaahScaaar...Boxer- SCAR!'
Once again, poor Anne.
Hehe...I'm sure those two bottles in the background don't help the situation at all, either. Poor Ann.
Thinking she's lucky enough to be about to see the first penis ever in her life. HAHAHA.
Talk about a fuckup. xD
*in a cheesy sports announcer voice* EPIC FAIL FOR DAVE! WHAT A WIPEOUT!

Right you are! This one's going down in fail history, Bob!
Where is that quote from...
Yeah...I think the first place I saw it was...with uh...Muraki? Yeah, I think that's where I heard it. Descendants of Darkness...hmm...
Well...I can't say I still don't hate Ms. Dove. I admit, I have sympathy and respect for her, for dealing with the rape and keeping her child, but it still wears on my nerves that she has to take her anger/suffering from that experience out on her life as a whole. Yeah it's true she shows concern and care at times...but at other times, I'm ready to choke her. >.<
OK so, she got raped and had a kid. No reason to walk around with her nose high in the air and a stick in her ass Dx
*is very mean* =(