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Yeah it is look at the journal about Speed’s armor on DA
So if you go on Deviantart, look at the journal about Speed’s armor, there is a little section about the first person to get the space virus, and when they are killed, Speed gets it for some reason. We know it is him because 1, the space virus is talking about Speed’s Turbo boost, and, he only has 2 tentacles. don’t know why this makes sense to me.
Wait... is it just a ton of pages, or sorta like they are compiled? Cause i was finding jus scatted pages
You have scarred me.
Shit. Hope he is okay, that must be a little crazy
Lol that would be funny. Also, i had a thought but never told anyone... Speed lost his memory, but when he dies, he comes back as his eleven year old self. What if we will learn more about him, because he is on the cover, and may have his memory back? That would be a very cool plot twist, and then maybe he would remember about his armors and alllllll the other stuff! I know PKM does not prefer us to say this stuff here, but i felt like this is very important info.
Like what? Berserker with transformation abilities? WHAAAAAAAAAAAT
What what what what is happening.
Wait. So Kris likes comics.... this is a comic.... is she reading her life story because she has a connection to the human world?
I saw that. That is what i am talking about.
Thanks to Sethorain, my friend. What if the red eyes are the space virus? Confuzzlement, but might make sense. tell me what u think
Yo also, if you look in the bottom left corner, you can see a pair of red eyes. :/
I dont know what to think......
First Flare in a different universe is yelling about how Arceus doesnt care and Arceus says everyone is gonna die, and now Flare need some coffee. 🦖
He is jus like, imma jus go to sleep bois, havent had my coffee