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Speeds gonna die... again. 3rd time on this day?
Excuse me, im a moron sometimes
I think he doesn’t remember anything, Fluffy was in control
Dude, i agree with the dragon type! Used to be my avatar photo.
He actually is a Luxray by this time. The guy he sees in chapter 4 page 18.
Well, Flare actually doesnt remember anything. Sorta like the situation in Special Chapter 2
Yeah....... that sorta true though, se sorta got thrown into a rock, not she ran into it.
He is also not a sorcerist.
My Lord, how many times does somebody have to say things? He can only die of NATURAL causes. GETTING SQUISHED BY A ROCK DOES NOT COUNT! Im so done with this read the journals for breaking point and pay more attention to peoples comments. I understand the confusion, i ha d the same problem, but PLEASE, stop saying he should be dead.
Perfectly fine!
God.... you people do math? Thats soooooooo jk thats actually useful to know.
Thanks also! I totally love this comic
Lol its like he was playin Siege
Its an exception effect, he is sorta trapped in his body.
I do that every day
Nothing is wrong with u