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I wish there was a Starducks in my neighborhood.
Is it Twilight?
ohh, I like this story so far. Coffee shop cutie is dreamy, go for it Asami!
Ok, something weird is going on. Anthony's hair is different...some time has definitely passed and he's not aware of it. What's going on?! Must find out...
Ah, so Caden is not human. Interesting.
Wow...we almost never see Joa outside. The climate there is so different from what I'm used to. The days are getting so long, but there's still snow on the ground.
Does this take place before or after Wild Peak? and is it the same inn? We've seen Samir and Mink before, but not Caden (I tink).
Is his "mask" built into his face? Can he take it off, or was he born with an exposed scull?
I like it already. Great artwork, I can tell it'll be a quality comic.
@FujoshiGirls: I kinda doubt someone missing an eye could even legally get a license. They do make you take that vision test...
Is this finally it? They're having a moment, just lean in a little closer and pucker up...
This is cute, what will happen next?
Wow, what a line. It would either get him what he wants, or slapped.
+ 1
August 5th, 2016
@Alecshar: I really appreciate that, confusing speech bubble placement is so distracting. I'm really enjoying this so far by the way!
Someone is going to slip on that banana peel,aren't they?
How can anyone not be ticklish? It's so not fair!
I just found this comic a couple days ago and I just finished reading the whole thing. I really like it! The art is great and the story is well-written. That combo is rare in web comics. Keep up the good work Biscuit!
Just read it all!
I really like this comic! So cute and a really unique story idea. I love how their relationship is evolving so slowly, it's more realistic.
@Torakodragon: Thanks, I was wondering that too!
Happy Birthday! I'm always happy when this comic updates.