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My older brother got me started on comics very young--Sonic Comics, Urusei Yatsura, Love Hina...With influences like those my tastes bend to be more masculine. I enjoy sci-fi, slice of life/comedy, action, and fantasy.

I also learned how to draw from him. While I can draw other things, I have short patience and attention span, so I learned to like drawing manga more simply because it's faster.
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@Flygonmaster: I disappeared because now I use tumblr:
I hate morning classes
My drawing hw takes me til 2-3AM, so by the time I’m done I just want time to myself. But then I gotta wake up early to get to class. Then I gotta do study guides all night for a test. Then more drawing hw, and repeat.
Not Dead
@Flygonmaster: I was working on a one shot manga and then Thanksgiving, then finals, then birthday, then Christmas, then New Year's, then start of new semester...
@Nat816: It's got a weird chewy/rubbery texture, or maybe mine was cooked weird, but the flavour's pretty awesome.
February 21st, 2012
Such a Good Brother!
When I cry, my brother just pasts me on the head, but it feels like he's playing whack-a-mole.
@Sir: I love strawberry frozen yogurt with those teeny tiny chocolate chips on top!
@Sir: Nah, I don't like coffee that much. I shared it in thirds with my other two friends, since I bought the soda I was in line for.
@GellyRoll: Yeah, it really happened. I was at Barnes&Noble with a couple of friends. I was in line for a soda, they were gonna get coffee. I don't like coffee that much, so I ended up sharing it with them.
The Process ozen-yogurt