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Colored pages (they look really nice), but it's ultimately your choice.
You have such an amazing talent in designing characters!
A colored page! and it looks awesome. Your color palette and 'fx' doesn't even hurt the lineart, pretty cool.
That IS a long time...
A hint of jealousy? :3
Wow, nice! It's interesting how you put a little personality to each face in the comic, certainly makes it feel like the city is actually alive.
Maybe I shouldn't feel sorry for them. Those last four panels look just cool; action mangas CAN'T show this much in a single page without getting confusing.
July 26th, 2009
Haha, your comment on human needs is very true; also even if the style looks 'cartoony' it has a very nice and different feel to it.
I'm feeling sorry for the 'bad guys'
I think i've fallen in love with this comic! The inks, colors, even the setting! It's not something I expect to see commonly online.
I'm loving how you're handling the backgrounds and building designs!
They get right to business!
With black clothes and dark sunglasses, they strike me as a men in black type of group.
What can't be right?!

I'm really enjoying the feel of this comic, reminds me a lot of Minus (Kiwis by Beat!)
"is there some confusion about what's happening in the story so far?, it is clear that they are not yet in Winterkill?"

None at all and yes its crystal clear. I'm in love with how everything in this webcomic is going, the color, style and story are interesting; it gives a Tim Burton feel to it. Now I'm wondering what will they do to get expelled.
This is getting so very interesting! The third panel's detail is very nice, yet is is my opinion that everything in this webcomic is detailed; color, paneling, expressions, everything. It's enough to say it's my favorite in this site :)
Alright...? Those two lines left me perplexed...Nice expressions and outfit by the way.
that is some strange funeral attire. Nice composition in this page.
Brick walls are a hassle to draw. Other than that this is turning to be interesting.
That is true about the transformation sequences. Here though, it just looks cool.