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This is a really powerful cover picture. <3
I love that they're still awkward and blushing around each other 3 weeks in when they see each other all the time at work.
@Guest: You're obviously the person behind the counter and you work on commission don't you? I see you!
Oh my got she asked! That's awesome. Being asked is extra important for people with anxiety, but it's good for everyone.
I'd be stoked if they ended up having a QPR and not really focusing on sexy things, but either way I am greatly enjoying the adorableness of this comic.
Ouch. Harsh truth Lazuli...but truths nonetheless.
Dawww, somebody's relaxing enough to get the feels! *insert heart eyes*
I'm in my 30s and I have siblings who are 18 and 21. My last partner was 26 and it was weird to me that they were closer to my brother's age than mine. That can be a real thing when you have a sibling/siblings who are way younger, when you meet someone cool, but in some ways they are a kid in your mind, because your siblings are still kids in your's different when your siblings are closer in in age to you, but when you're a teenager/young adult watching your sibling learn to walk, you don't think someday you'll date one of their peers. It's real weird.
this whole comic is ridiculously cute. My face hurts from smiling so much during from reading up to date just now. <3
"Also, there is something you don't know...I am not left handed!"
@DXMarina: Yeah, that isn't much of a stretch.
Gavin's coming around. that's great! Also Colette's dysphoria was getting increasingly worse as this went along through the night, I'm so glad he's feeling better and accepted the gesture! i was worried he'd panic and flee or something. I can totally identify with their plight, my own dysphoria is worse when I'm around other trans people, particularly trans masculine folx, who are further along in their transition than me. Oddly, being around cis men (i'm transmasculine) doesn't affect my dysphoria at all.
This whole chapter is very relatable. I predict however, that a shoe is somewhere, teetering on a high ledge, and the lightest breeze might cause it to just....
Is it...the it like a gem corruption beam? Whoa...
I know this is hella old, but i can see how much happier you were in just seven months. <3 it's half a dozen years later that i'm posting this comment, but even now seeing stuff like this makes me happy, and feel good about my own future with hrt, something i've been waiting to do for far too long. I'm binge reading this comic, it's really cute! Good balance of deep and silly. I like how it started off lighter for the first few slides, but got heavier as it went on. In that way it makes me think a bit of Rebecca Sugar's work. This sort of media is so important. I'm a novelist, and i write a lot of ftm and transmasc characters because that's my experience, but i want to include more femme, mtf, and transfemme characters so i'm specifically seeking out media written by transwomen about transwomen. i'll be buying the hard copies of your comics when i can find them/afford them. :) thanks for doing what you do.
HA! Now she's SheRa!? Lol so cute!
I anticipate P-dot drunk texting/ drunk dialing Lappy, excited :)