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Lupo - They/Them - Ace/Panro
I like fantasy, romance, and dark comics, but occasionally will read comedy. Outside of reading comics on here and weebtons, I draw, write fanfiction, play Overwatch, and watch Anime or Youtube. I have graduated college once already, and plan to go back again. HMU to talk about my long, long list of fandoms if you want to.
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I've been in our little idiot's place before- did something that just fucked my shit up, thought everyone was gonna be mad about it. It's a real shock when you find out they're mad cause you've gotten hurt- and I just- I really love how this was portrayed. It also really drives in just how lil' the guy values himself that he placed his own safety under that of rebuild-able property too.
to be fair
honestly that 'what' was the perfect reaction to that phrase.
I love this hairstyle for Darcy!
June 22nd, 2019
That style
Gosh I love her hair in the prom queen- how did she lose her sense of fashion and taste an- oh wait, she's friends with retrowave vs vaporwave. Fair enough.
oh shit
@lgo: if it was i would internally scream that my favorite comedy comic on this site likes hetalia too
ive read almost 600 of these
and its been 6 hours. besides the amazing comedy, the 'give no shits to your safe for work nonsense', and the cute chracter designs(both appearance and personality, gosh I love my spiky haired cook)-

all i can say is please tell me, at some point, Darcy changes her damn hairstyle. darcy you literally can afford a better looking wig than your 'i put a box on my head and cut' look
His *face*
Oliver's face in that last panel is a perfect description of 'the cat that caught the canary' and the 'OwO what's this' and it's adorable.
Coloring mASTER
@Soturisi: Dude, the highlighting and coloring on this alone is so dang GOOD. I love it so much. Excited for this new comic!
oh gosh
He's adorable! Also hot damn that hand is amazing! I love how all of this is positioned!
May 31st, 2019
I love this comic! Definitely about to check out your other ones- but the relationship is portrayed SO WELL! They had a fight, they resolved it. They take turns, they're honest with each other, and they're learning each other's boundries and just- gosh. You're amazing at this!
To be fair, I would totally ring the bell again too. But like, repeatedly.
Gosh I can't explain just how PSYCHED I was to have some NB representation. Thank you so much for including them in this, I love it. And I'm so happy for Issac! I just have a bad feeling about how much they trust the poor guy, like something's gonna happen.
This is great!
I really love the art style! And these two are hilarious. However, you mentioned hating schedules and deadlines- what I would do is, if you got the energy and motivation to pump out more than one page a week/every two weeks, save the extra page(s) you work on so you have a fallback plan in case you get sick or hit an art block!
1. Upper East Coast, USA(I relate more to Kylee lol!)
2. TodoDeku (BNHA)!!!
3. Idk for Kim but Tom Hiddleston for Kylee yES