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Yun Min
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PERFECTION SARAH THESE TWO ARE PERFECT my heart can't take how perfect they are.
Brilliant gorgeous pages, as per usual Sarah. Seriously loving what you're doing at the moment. Also Sasha and Ruthie I love you two you're fantastic <3
41 pages. Eric's Story was done by 41 pages. Emily is still going. Getting towards the end though guys. Super excited about it!
Ohhh hello old friend.

It's quite weird having Oliver back after 40 pages of Emily's Story (40 pages can you believe it it's mad.) Nice to see him though~ Never intended on having him show back up here but he managed to muscle his way in.
Oh Caroline... you'll get your chance to explain what went on that evening someday, I promise!
Oooh hello again guys! It's absolute madness over here as I'm handing in most of my work today, and then I've got all expo prep to be getting on with~

Done my final uni presentation and now literally have a report to write and then first year is over and done. Summer projects ahoy~!
Okay, so I've got another spree of updates for you guys! Four pages in the next four days! Hopefully you'll enjoy them, we're really getting into the nitty-gritty of the story now.

I'm afraid it's back to being busy busy busy for now - got so much work to do over the next few weeks, it's super stressful!
@Mimi-Evelyn: Awww thanks so much Eve, means a lot (especially when I'm super exhausted from job stuff, really brightens my day :) ). And Emily's jumper detailing... I think I've knitted too many. I've got a character in my next major project who basically just wears massive fair isle cardigans + jumpers though, so they'll be more knit patterns to come I think :)
I have a treat for you guys this week, to make up for the fact that I've had a super busy easter holiday and everything and will be working for the next four days and therefore unable to actually be around much, and that is an entire week of new Wander No More pages!! Well, Monday-Friday at least :) Hope you enjoy them~
Officially finished my second term at uni now! Easter holidays are a go... still got lots of work to do, but hopefully lots of comic pages to draw as well, very excited about it all!
Oh I just caught up with all of this Sarah and oh my god it's fantastic, just absolutely wonderful!! Loving the colours on these pages especially, but it's all fantastic!!
Yun Min
March 21st, 2013
OMG Just caught up with Cafe Suada and I think this is the best page to get caught up on. Fab fab work. <3
Popping in mid-week with a page cause I want to get to slightly more recent stuff more quickly, we're getting there, all very exciting. Change of scenery here, we're getting to Emily properly now.

Two more pages are should be going up on Saturday as well, so you're doing well this week.
A day late on this one, but never mind. Got slightly distracted by the arrival of people to stay for the weekend in my flat (none with me, but there is someone in a sleeping bag in the corridor as we speak). Unfortunately people visiting means drunk shenanigans, of which there were lots of last night.

Still uploading pages with bits of fairly old art on them, but we're getting there finally :)
Double page update! Very exciting indeed. The plot thickens, a little bit more is explained.

Very busy, as always, with a couple of uni projects at the moment, but we're coming up to Easter holidays so hopefully should get a chance to catch up on everything then, lots of things I want to get done over then.

Also Jade Sarson and I will definitely be at this May's MCM Expo, looking forward to it already.
Okay, absolutely loads of new pages put up. Quite a lot of these are very old, there's probably art here which goes back at least six months, possibly more. (which is quite ridiculous really.) Trying to get myself caught up in a position where the pages which go up are actually ones which have stuff that's been drawn in the last month on. But busy with university and stuff. Working hard though!
@Mimi-Evelyn: I wouldn't read too much into it, but there's definitely something going on~ And I'm very glad you're enjoying it!

I am so behind, but am now caught up.

Just passing through, busy busy busy with college work. Habe my photography exam in a week. Going slightly mad. Please send tea~
Many apologies for the late nature of this update: had a really busy, stressful week over half term, then managed to catch a cold, and from then it was all an uphill struggle against my workload. But I'm back~ And I'm gonna try for a Saturday update as well this week! /but am very busy so please bare with me :) Thank you guys, I love you all lots~