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Hello I like eeveelutions
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Tbh kris just needs more screen time in general
I like how Flare is getting a lot more attention because of the berserker virus and now whatever this is. Now if only Crystal would get more attention too!
Yay! I’m literally dying with excitement XD
The 4th wall is getting broken so much lol
@Heghog: This is gai we are talking about...
Except the comic book plot ISNT terrible
Oof black just broke the 4th wall
If I’m not mistaken there should be one more page to this chapter correct?
You know before I found this comic I was often bored and had nothing to do. It’s also made me more social, I used to like never talk to people, now I comment here, and this kind of introduced me to discord. It’s not talking irl, but it’s an improvement lol. This comic has truly changed my life in a positive way. (Sorry if this sounds kind of cheesy but I really mean it.)
Yay! new page, I love it when this comic gets updated, it makes my day. Thanks Pkm-150!
Everyone else just thinks there’s something mentally wrong with me (I mean, they’re probably right tho), even my best friend lol.
Your lucky you actually have a friend at school that’s into ES. Though I was able to get one of my classmates into it, but we don’t talk that much.
My classmates pretty much think I’m the weirdest person on earth lol
I pretty much do that daily...
RIP Speeds paw

(Whenever this comic was started) - 2019
@Icebird610: also the eevee is adorable
This is totally me lol! I’m have like an unhealthy addiction to eevee and the eeveelutions XD