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To be honest.. even if I knew automobiles.. I still don't get what she is talking
Lol, ya gotta love the third panel and the demon cheering on Lizzie's anger XD
I'll join the raffle I have to pay for the book if I win the raffle? lol.
That ain't But that game is fun.. not witchcraft. Dan you Nun >.<

lol nice comic. Like the way the short-hair girl is like 'Oh s*it"
I like how it says 'Stupid Calling' instead of Shichi's. That just shows He will be annoyed by her XD
September 30th, 2010
@TKGB_Cocker: It looks better than the 'hands' I try to draw though. Those are the most toughest things to draw so I'm ok if the hands are not 'all the way' good. As long as they look good like that, then I'm cool with it...

I still wish I can draw hands >.<'
August 11th, 2010
Yeah, I spy a character from Anathema I think in Panel 3..or is it just me? lol.
For some Reason Rina and I are both thinking of the same thing..maybe because we're not exactly.. 'skinny' XD. LOl. but Anyway, love the detail and the flowers too!
I wanna post the comic but I kept forgetting it's in my Math Book.. When I get the Mathbook, I'll put the pic in the scanner
I am tempting to make a one page comic.. really am.. lol.
@ Venom:

I did a page.. but it's crappy.. lol
Sorry for Crappiness
if you didn't know what ricky was saying on the last panel he said: " I didn't know you did Pornography.."

Poor ShadowTail.. she will now be branded a pervert XD.
I'm thinking of drawing the next Comic..I think it'll be fun.
holy crap... lol Funny.
lol at the last panel.. I'll try to make a comic during school... if I can.. I gotta think about it.
@ Venom:
Pretty much ^^'

edit: and also since my absence and the stupid scanner being fixed.. my drawings have been improved and the poses are somewhat good... so expect some stuff better than last drawings I did.
Names: ShadowTail (One with Brown hair), and SilverClaw (Ricky.. lol and the one with grey hair)

Ages: ShadowTail is at least 14-15, and SilverClaw is 17-18.

Type?: ShadowTail is a coyote hybrid and Ricky is a Wolf hybrid

Likes: ShadowTail is into the 'arts'; music, dancing, drawing, singing, and playing instruments. SilverClaw likes to Explore, Run around, Have some fun and stay outdoors...

Dislikes: They both hate it when bad things happen, and The brother (SilverClaw) is protective of his sister, so he will get mad or try to kill them if boys go near ShadowTail or try to flirt with her.

Personality: ShadowTail is somewhat of a Loner and pretty nice person, SilverClaw is brave, confident.. opposite of his Sister but he's nice and protective.

Why they here?: Obviously they wanted to get away from their friends; FireWind (orange cat hybrid), Kaminari (black panther hybrid), Husky (Siberian Husky hybrid), Taylor (lioness hybrid), and Eliza (snow leapord hybrid).. so they are going here to take some time off from their little place.
I love the last panel the most.. especially this comment:

"I'm being punked I know it!!"

XD, that made me laugh.
In the last panel with that temp bar saying 'so much later.. blah blah blah'. That was from Spongebob when the narrator said. "So much later that the naraator got tired of waiting and they have to find a new one'.

I still think this comic is hilarious though XD
I don't care if the shoes are drawn well or not XD, I still like this page =3