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kung fu panda much?
You can see where the spine is on the decapitated body, it's even in the right place.
That's some attention to detail right there!
Good fu**... it's updating?
That's GREAT news!
I wonder if some of them have a second personality that's (I forgot the word...)
anyone else notice the tail tucked between the legs is just like what a dog would do.
@The Fried Pickle: more like it's the book talking
Somethings missing...
there is one thing missing from this page... them wiping the dust off there faces.
here's a sagestion.
a low grade glossy or shading would improve the quality a lot(p.s I'm saying low grade as an under-estimate because I don't want to insult your art skills)
those eyes
I just noticed that in the 3rd plane there are extreme details in those eyes, there red and show that she is really upset!
the second plane is the face I make when someone at school asked me a question far to stupid and the answer far far to oveis
I'm so bad at spelling.
Good point.
@ShadowStalker1128: Not the worst thing someone's said to me (shrugs shoulders)
@Firelord6127: Well whatever Rade is, that form definitely suits them.
in other words: hay, it works
I can all ready imagine how angry he will be next page. :-)
@Pok: I have a nerff gun but that wouldn't work

I am positive I didn't spell that right
just my thought.
@ShadowStalker1128: I'm going to be honest with you ShadowStalker, I liked your old profile picture.

("talks slightly nervous") No offense
Can't wait to see more of your beautiful art work.
What...did he just turn into fire to... he did, didn't he.