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@Ulta Thanks alot. I've been using IbisPaint X
@Flareon1225 sorry forgot about that
@Ulta what do you use to draw this? I'm working on a comic and still have yet to find a reliable app to use.
Nice cover remake
@New guy: Thanks alot
Whats going on
This is technically not a page but it is like a flashback of a fight between Isla and Shadow Isla that occurs before the comic begins.
Thanks a lot
Character update
This finishes the character list.
@Flareon1225 Hahaha yeah. Here is the thing. I actually talked to PKM and have permission to us some of his characters
@Flareon1225 yes they are the opposite personality of the regular characters so we went for inverted colors
The final variations of the characters are done as soon as we get someone who can help with the pages we will get started on the comic. Also like i said ask any questions you want to know about the comic and I will answer them.
@Benthejolteon456 I will try to reach him.