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Hi I’m Tai! It’s nice to be here! I’ve never really been on this website before but I hope I enjoy it!

Passion fruit black tea with bobas
Digimon 01-02-Tri
My Hero Academia
Dinosaur king
Doki Doki Literature Club (SAVE SAYORI!)
and chicken nuggets
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    Please call me Tai
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I knew seeing Artemis with that banjo wasn’t good
I’m honestly surprised boys haven’t asked you out yet
Awwww don’t feel that’re beautiful, I saw your Quotev account, don’t let anime characters with braces get you down. You’re really pretty and cute and amazing........and it’s ok you haven't updated this comic. My summer was been odd too......anyways good drawing but get ride of the “Ugly”
It took me a sec to remember that she was elastigirl so when she peeked I’m I was like:
Good question Dash
Artemis Senpai~...0//0 she’s adorable
-hugs- you better friend?
I remember my first drawing of Garurumon.......*shivers*
Wow! Garurumon’s pose and expression is very good!
WOW! SHES—uh she’s....cute