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// Stupidity makes a long way //

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@A v e r y: Can you please write in the description whether your comic is left to right or right to left? D:
Sure did! Though I wished it wouldn't end so quickly. xD The colours were beautiful. Do you have a deviantart?
Oh, goodness... he's up for a surprise. xD
This was a wonderful start.
Yes, stay there and wait 'till the end of your days.

It's a bit a creepy/scary. Wonder who is speaking :O
Can't wait to see more!
It raises an interesting question.
I really like these kind of stories - with that old H.C. Anderson feel tgo it. ^^
The textures you use really fit the art.
More importantly... why doesn't he have any clothes on..?
Yaaaay, moooooore!
I was a bit skeptical about it first, but I actually like how this comic is turning out. :P
I cracked up on last panel... xD
This must have something to do with the father. :o
I forgot to update this earlier, so here it is. New cover. xD
Oh gosh, I love these two... Why it not be them?! TT^TT
And nice colouring! It has really helped. ^^
@HaveCare: I live in Denmark (Europe). @_@
Saru-kun is so~ cute xD
Although these two are confusing when looking at them together ^^;; Could you semi-colour their hair more different?
@KermitsGirl: Err... make a short-story! :D;; or pray that someone else will make a fanart xD
Oh gosh, I'm so sorry for not updating @__@ it's been like forever!
And instead of copy+pasting "I'M SORRY" 3000 times, I did this drawing of Dante and literally used all day. ( also on dA: )

BAD NEWS is BAD: I won't be updating at least until summer vacation. >__>
Anyway I think I can manage updating ADF with two pages everytime someone makes a fanart. ;D <3

Oh, by the way... I swear I'll answer your comments!