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never mind
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thats akito for ya, just laughing away

(some times i wish i can draw so i can get invoved with this)
well ok its been long enuff
it look like that guy was trying to kill the main character but killed the comic or the aother insted
yes some one realy should post, that is unless you guys just cant stop watching my awsome dance moves =P
eh i dono just trying be funny :p
well shadow had his turn, so i guess it goes to who ever wants it.

hey have you noticed how only the ones with dansing avatars are comenting?

maybe they are jealus and plotting behind our backs lol :p
im not emo just look at me im happy and im dansing (not emo)
and now we dance all day and night with no relief insight
booooo yaaa im back :p i bet none of you even remember me lol
well this is all i have to say

ma-ia hii
ma-ia huu
ma-ia hoo
ma-ia haha (x4)

oh and for thouse of you who do remember me you will be glad to know ive been still folowing the story the best that i can
i just havnt been loging on shadow has been showing me whats been going on

for thouse who dont know me im shadows bro :P

hes the one that got me interestend in this web in the first place
why dont you build a house in the back yard then you can live there
hey thats my pet no fair!
hey i havent been on in a while i bet you all had fun with out me or at least hoped id never come back ^_^

but it look like girls night out wonder what trouble is coming now
what do you mean he must like her he let her fall he hates her
i bet you cant figure me out ill give 1000 medels if you can but ill let shadow give them to you

but i know you never will im just too complex...
whats complex mean?

(i dont realy care what complex means, i have a good idea what it means even if i dont know the defanition)
in outher words dont tell me
no spell checks please!!!!
see this is why you dont make people guess genders it get confusing it could be one, the outher, or both

untill i know for sure what gender (it) is ill just call it (it)

man i got to work on my anger wait am i angry? i just dont know any more im just messed up

my intier life is depressing -_-
thats my life for you just a big blank
i knew that masterweaver was a guy i was talking about the character

cuz in the outher post he looked like he had ... well you know

i know that cant be becuse hes buff
(final fantacy victory music)
grate just what we need another girl who thinks shes in control

oh my god!
shes losing it!
hmm mayby thats why no one is listening to her