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I'm just some old spriter coming out of retirement.
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Welcome back!
Hey all! Chapter 2 commences now! For now it update once a week, I need a lot of time to finish Ch.3

If you absolutely MUST read all of ch.2 right away you can find it here.
Hey everyone! I totally forgot to upload chapter 2 and only just realized it wasn't updating also my life got real hectic. Anyway, chapter should be up soon-ish. Still working on chapter 3, honestly not sure when I'll finish writing it.
Hey look its ProtoMan
This is how he pays the bills.
One of my absolute favorite pages for some reason
Best character 10/10
Gotta be careful or those evil field ninjas will get you.
I didn't really take into consideration that the characters super duper clash with the background. At this point I was getting tired and wanted to just finish the pages as quick as I could
Don't cross this guy
The only instance where I break the rules and bit mix. Really though this whole comic isn't even true 8-bit so...
This was made in the dark ages when it was still funny to say "piehole"
I'm honestly not sure of Pro's motivation to shoot MM here, they are brothers after all and Pro has no idea he's in a coma so why would he just straight up shoot him
...and Champtim was never seen again *X-Files theme*
This is a reference to Kung Pow Enter the Fist
You know Christian by now, the other guy is LowResAtari. He ran Mixed Bag Comics and I rode his coattails a bit
I really like making these big pages, it just takes so freakin' long so I don't do em often.
First glimpse of the guy just blowin' up cities.
I think this is one I might have remade. Pretty sure I added those first two panels to sort of hint at what's happening with Protega and cut some other stuff out.
MegaMan is in this comic but only barely