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Right now, I like Graphic Design, but that changes weekly so eh. Really into vector as opposed to raster images... partially to cover up my own crappy drawing abilities, partially because as a former programmer things like bezier curves sit well with me since they're so calculated and predictable.
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Oh man, I hate these types of pages. They really don't add any content. Use this moment to meditate on how much you hate me for this and why
Getting Into Expository Stuff.
I want to get into expository/educational material through comics, and this was a quick test of how I might go about doing that. May pick it up again some day.
We do not have your motivation
Also, most of my doodling now goes to Picasa and stuff and I forget about this >_> HM
Cheateeeer! You can't just keep walking! That should count as a loss, and he should lose half of his money.
I wasn't sure if this would be about SF or Ninja Gaiden
Also, I never got what "Hadou" meant and why Ryu would say it even if Ken is off screen
I think you've
perfectly captured the webcomic artist's mindset when editing a comic.
Concsider the subtitle
"A scientific dissection of the modern American film"
Why did you put the post date to before the first comic
I had such plans for these little guys.
Well, no, I didn't. But I'm sure they'll make a cameo some day.
be careful with the potential nudity
if you draw dongs, we might get b&
August 3rd, 2009