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Hey I'm Glace! I'm a Golden Sylveon. I'm Vee's mentor, partner and best friend.

I'm Vee! I'm a mixture of a normal Eevee and a shiny Eevee! Glace is my mentor, partner and best friend.

Together, we make 8-BitGlaVee!
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    Glace and Vee
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Vee: If Brian pulled that out of his wife's fur...
Glace: What else does her fur contain?
@Squirtle sqaud: Vee: If i'm remembering correctly, it's because of her markings...
@Raiderboi: Me: We'd have to start a new 'Rekt' counter.
Me:... Sylveon & Black ship confirmed?
Vee:... I guess so. I've got to be honest though: When Sylveon got terrified of heights, it kind of like me when i see a massive spider or something like that.
@D4rrag00n XD: Vee: We can't ruin the Speedy and Lazuli ship!
Glace: But the others... uhh... I guess we're alright with them, right Vee?
Vee: Yup!
Me: Hey, Vee, remember in the previous page when Speedy pulled Sylveon back.
Vee: Yep.
Me: In my mind, when i saw that panel, i literally heard a "YEET".
Vee: Oh, what's why you were crying with laughter! Haha! That clears that up, I guess.
Vee: Glace is laughing over the last panel, haha!
@jaketheflareon231: Vee: Oh... sorry. What should we call you?
@jaketheflareon231: WWhhaatt ddoo yyoouu mmeeaann,, JJaakkee??
Vee: Weeeeell technically speaking, Lazuli, Speedy's not exactly a father. He's just trying to act like one... a good one in his case.
Vee: Well... at least our theory of step 4 was wrong.
@TeranganPkmtrainer: Me: If the Speedy and Lazuli ship gets crushed
Vee: Both our hopes and dreams get crushed with it...
Both: WWee ddoonn'tt wwaanntt tthhaatt ttoo hhaappppeenn..
@Flareon1225: WWhhaatt?? Nnoo nnoo nnoo!!
Vee: Basically we received a message asking who Gla is. So we wanted to state that it's Glace.
Me: But other than that, it's just us two... Sorry for the confusion, Flareon.
@PKM-150: Alright But promise me one thing:
Please don't over-work yourself otherwise you'll be feeling awful for the whole week.
Step 4 is something that should not be described...
Glace: At the start, we didn't trust Cc...
Vee: Now we don't trust Cc at all.