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I'm just a normal guy in a hoodie. I like drawing a lot of stuff... mostly guys and wings.. and.. Snipers yep.. /RO


Feel free to bug me for updates. /shot
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Final Update for this week, see ya'll the next!
Thank you for your comments and support!, if it wasn't for you guys I'd never continue this.
To answer private messages cause im lazy:

My DA is ookami-kun.
No I'm not looking for co authors.
Yes I have a big dic- wat.
I'm so stressed lol @W@;;;;;

edit: ... I actually likes some of JBs music.
Page 15!
Another day another page! Thank you for 1K fans!

WooP! Here you go guys page 13! I'll be trying to update everyday except weekends when i really really need to catch up on commissions OTL.

In reply to yesterday's comments:
@ZivXanthus XD good!
@Rukia-chanxx Thank you!
@Saito250 haha ty!
@Sakura Tenshi ...O_O...<_<
@Jazeki nope taxi
Am I making up for not updating in ages yet?

@ZivXanthus haha XD yep!
@Jazeki meow~
@Everlong XD
@LeafySavannaChan ooppsss
@SakuraTenshi I'll try!
@Jazeki aw <3
@Anime610 <3 <3
@LeafySavannaChan hehe
@SaLuVi he is LOL!
@J-F ahahah!
Thank you for the support! Love you guys! 970 fans!
Did these during the con today! Since I finally had enough time ahaha! Thank you for the support!

My my bypassed 900+ fans!!!!

In reply to last comments:
@MightyCustard Thank you for the support!
@cutie grl Thank you!
@boorodrigues IM SORRY I FAILED
@kurozaki I dont tink he likes that~
@Natashakiable18 Ahaah !
@xXCreatorXx ANd now it does again!... finally
@Bett thank you dear <3
@Axlish aha ty!
@Jazeki only the guy can!
@Maiumaora haha she's not is gf XD
@LavenderCandy indeed XD
@baeduxai Thanks!
@prussia1996 doesnt seem like it :p
@Anatine aw ty!
@R-R-R-Remo thanks!
@otaku_lady and so are you <3
@neonmalice hehee!
@Reigan HAHAHA!
@SakuraTenshi i like that XD
@Natashakiable18 XD
@Jazeki he was a neko :O
@TwilightRain888 Ty!
@Everlong glad it did XD
@KirtiMiko indeed XD
@DarkWolfDeltas ty!
@Goth_Punk_Kura42 Thanks!
LeafySavannaChan Moar hath cometh
Other page after this!
I will reply to all comments on the next page C: Updating twice today so wait for it!

Also if you don't use RSS, be sure to get it, its the easiest way to be notified of new updates.

This is how RSS works:

-A website or a blog creates an RSS Feed. Many Blog services automatically create RSS Feeds. For Websites, RSS Feeds can be created manually or with software.

-The RSS Feed that is created is an XML file that lives on an Internet server. There are now hundreds of thousands of RSS Feeds sitting on Internet servers waiting patiently for an RSS Reader to subscribe to them.

-The RSS Feed Reader reads the RSS Feed file and displays it. The RSS Reader displays only new items from the RSS Feed.

Download a program like Feed Reader to read XML RSS Feeds. And yes I totally copy pasted that.
Long time no update huh? Sorry guys! I hardly have time to breathe let alone draw comics! But Imma make time for all of you guys! /shot for being a corny bastard

THANK YOU FOR 700+ fans! Wow.. never imagined it'll go that far!


@Weirdonetwo INDEED
@-kit-kat- Lol he is XD
@Maiumaora .. LMFAO that would be.. fatal
@HaKu10 :V stay tuned
@LavenderCandy AIIIYYYAAAA
@Jazeki thanks!
@ireland22 yup!
@nightxwitch XD thanks!
@Koriragreen ..LOL that would be interesting
@gabu-chan I know right LOL!
@Rin0201 FHL indeed XD
@pucha indeed it cannot XD
@boarodrigues ITS INNOCENTTTT
@Lohan# .. hope you didnt have a gun..
@ai ataru why thank you!
@toboe059 XDDD
@Reigan LOL glad it is!
@Natashakiable18 .. DOCTOR GET OVER HERE
@MelloYello XD something you can google
@kukuru2 HERE YOU GO /shot with a bee
Long time no update :C
I suppose it's my fault for leaving all my school projects for the last minute and taking commissions in the meantime. HOPE YOU ENJOY ANYWAY.

Thank you for 530+ fans! I love you guys for the support!

In reply to the comments on the previous page:

@ninja muffin maybe he is :V
@kudari /PATTED 8D
@HaKu10 indeed XD
@gerardless XD he's full of himself OTL
@LavenderCandy or is it :V
@Edogawa can't yu see the text on top of the page? |D;
@gabu-chan XD ty!
@Himi Thanks husband >w<
@shibagal! Haha thanks!
@pucha :V to the moon
@ExplodingHorse maybe :V
@heart-and-mind thanks!
SORRY FOR THE WAITTTTTTT, And for those who didn't see it, there is a CG before this page k <3

In reply to the comments on the page before:

@VulpicLover93 Haha XD
@LavenderCandy YOU TELL ME
@Nesa-chan Mei XD Thanks!
@MomotheGreat XDDDD He loves you too.. maybe
@gabu-chan XD he probably doesn't even know its referring to him LOL
@-kit-kat- WRONG ANSWER
@Maiumaora Haha thank you >w< It makes me happy to hear!
@kudari OH DEAR.
@J-F... or that :V
@LordNekoFluffy LOL HOW EVIL... he'll.. fall in love w/ his foot or stn...
@ninja muffin XD Thank you for the support XD <33
@Shisaru-Chan YOU ARE RIGHT
@BakaMonMon Or not :VV
@michey OH YOU
@gizumimipichu Yep XP he actually already appeared.. huhuhu
@gabu-chan ff ty ;w;
Sorry ;A; Life nearly killed me this week and last week, but there will be an update on Saturday :CCCC

I'll reply to all comments on the next page ;-;

Yes, that is kittyboi.
-back to programming-
Boom Headshot
Thanks for all the faves! If I reach 400 I'll make a CG image for you guys along with a comic page >w< w00p!

Also I will try to update at least once a week, most probably on a Wednesday. Check the news post I will update later for more info <3

In reply to previous page comments:

@gabu-chan XD,haha gotta love em sparkly fiends
@Oxeygentank and me OTL
@Miaumaora Oh my! Glad my style is recognizable.
@ninja muffin lol! thank you!
@raimeiuta XD I hope so! I'll try ;w;
@Dchao now now, no hatin; or cupid will come after you :p
@imperialskye glad you do XD <3
@kudari or gay vampires :V
@kitkat LOL ikr
@Twilightrain888 oops XD
@aishite imasu XD Cat is not amused
@a.little.bit.not.right haha XD
@iamseth XD yes it is
@water_lily Thank you for the support!
@spikyroxas Nope! I'm too n00b for that program XD I use photoshop~
@VulpixLover93 lololol <3333
@sachi Thank you!
@MomotheGreat RUN FOR YOUR LIEF. I AM.. sorta
@Kaiya-chii glad you think so XD
Thank you for your faves and comments!!!! <333

Replies to the comments before:

@Dchao someone needs brains <3
@kudari Hahah they're morons XD
@TwilightRain888 Magic :V
@Pink25great FROM OUTER SPACE.. or not
@rattleandhum.... yes they're out to get you |:
@saru111 Thanks!
@MadyPPalwaysbesty Haha XD he doesnt like wearing em either
@Bubblesita XD damn right
@AkiraLynn Thank you! I will!
@imperialsky haha! Thanks!!!
@E.Redemption it likes you too :B
@UrMom .. your username is epic
@ashite imasu Thank you!
@gabu-chan >w< glad you do!
@rainysidewalk ahaha thank you!
ITS OVER 200!!!!
Thank you for 200+ fans! Wow you guys really are crazy, but I love you /SOB
ALSO, Thank you to LavenderCandy for the first fanart <3 I'll upload it in my art section soon!!!!

In reply to the comments on the page before:
@kudari -hands you striped pantsu- :B
@Saru112 thank you for the compliment >w<
@xx3OH3xx haha yes :B
@TwilightRain888 XD A pervy one <3
@Bubblesita It might b trying to kill you. /SHOT
@gizumimipichu LOL!
@ammychild kitty babysitter :B
@ninja muffin He's invisible :P and.. maybe he is :p you'll see ahahaha
@Dchao ?
@Yolin XD thank you!
READ THE JAPANESE WAY. /shot aka Right to left.

Thanks for 100+ fans! You crazy people ;A;

In reply to comments on the page before <3:

@Emily and the Oracle NOT MY RAMEN .. /SOB
@TwilightRain888 YESSIR
@nionio am nooot <3333
@Bubblesita thank you!
@gizumimipichu glad you approve !
@kudari coming right up!
@imperialskye I'll try not to dissapoint ;w;b
@rattleandhum thanks for the support!
Splash page that will be moved to the more appropriate front after I'm done. Colored version is on my DA!

Woaaa 40 fans and I didn't even announce it on DA! I love you guys!

In reply to the comments on the page before:
@Aten-Kami Thank you for the support!
@Sabriel Thank you!
@gizumimipichu who knows :p
@lav omg you stalker ffffff