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Aaaaand... DONE! :D
Just one more
Nr 10! Just a few more and you'll finally be rid of this lazy ass artist :'D
my tablet lives again! And thus a new page arrives.

I apologize for the wait!
I'm back
Sorry for the wait :}
Badabam badamam
Drum rom rom~
Hello there
Well then, here's page two. Hope you enjoy |D

I'm terrible, a terrible artist who doesn't update

You have all reason to hate me
I know I do

I'm pretty sure it's the beard ;P
And as promised the new page :)

Scientists! I love drawing those guys, especially the old one, he looks like a short haired Einstein

And who might this mysterious brown haired boy be? and the man with the black rose :O suspiciooooon
Chapter 3
We're back! :D wheeee
To celebrate here's the new cover and a new page :)

See you again next week!
Music Meme!
No sorry, still no updates, although Alex told me he'd get me the new chapter soon :D so hang it there

and just because you guys are so awesome, I made a music meme of ookami shiro C:

Unfortunately it's to big to post here so just go to this link below, to see it on my DA :D (it's a big file, so be warned |D )

Sorry guys, please be patient <3
lol wut, how would you know that? XD
new page, sucky quality
blame my scanner c:

Ooh misterious black haired lady!
wait, why is briana the one who's all beaten up? 8U
Cute pic c: good luck with moving and all that!
this comic just keeps getting better and better <3