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Oh, that?

...I'm just obsessed with white ferrets. Especially the amazing bouncing ones.
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Poor Pea, I hope things work out for her.
We can't have just one sister being unhappy...
that just isn't fair.

On a side note, I agree with the comment above me:
he should propose already! :D
Marriage solves all sort of problems ;)
Actually, Kenneth can be rather cute when he laughs like that.
I might start liking him. Oh, who am I kidding - I think I already started liking him :D
If Elizabeth still doesn't want him, I'll take him :d
HUH he says. Awww.
I absolutely LOVE this comic. The farther the plot develops, the better it becomes, absolutely addicting :D great work, (please) keep it up!
I write too much. Sorry.
After reading through some of the comments (holy cow that's a lot of long comments and I know I'm just going to add my own to the bunch) I got curious to know what the enemy - you know, the review - actually said, googled and found it. And, well, they're ripping into the comic quite badly and while I can see some points, it just looks and feels like a webpage to troll around a bit, you know, vent some frustration by pointing out everything that's bad in any kind of webcomic. I would tut at those guys if I could. They deserve that.

But it's just not true to say that your characters are shallow and I can see A LOT of improvement from the beginning of this comic to the point you are now in your art.
Where the review is right is about the subplots, there are some parts of the war, the relationship between countries, political stuff blah blah that didn't really get the attention needed to make them absolutely believable, but you know: we - your fans and readers - enjoy the fluffy gayness and how the main characters are really slow to get closer to each other, it's unlike many a BL-comic and it's something I love this comic for and I guess some of the subplot never really caught my attention anyway (ahaha, sorry).
Store away the parts of the review that you can use as tips and keep doing your thing. Hey, there's always going to be someone that hates what you're doing, especially if you're popular with it.

If you rewrite it, just don't make it awkward by putting in things where they don't really belong. Do it if you feel like it, though, I don't mind waiting at all :)

Also: d'aww, tommy is so adorable :*
Hahaha, in German "debil" means moronic :D

...but no, I get it, the kitten's more of an underestimated evil mastermind. Or something.
February 27th, 2011
I appreciate the fact you work & update so fast! I don't mind the sketchy pages at all :D

Also: roger that! I will point it out if I see anything :)
I love your comic so far!
Lucas is adorable, the humour is wicked and the art... I just love it. I'm excited to see where the story will go from here :D
Not bad that you know the difference, but you'd have to write both forms a little differently - it would be "Entschuldigung" (non-formal) and "Entschuldigen Sie bitte" (formal).

Nice comic btw, I enjoy reading it so far :)
Really beautiful, thank you!

This story is so worth waiting for, I don't really mind it :D
So far, I like the story - really entertaining and all. Plus, I'll like Vincent as a princess. He certainly does look pretty. In fact, I can't wait to see him all dolled up! *giggles and rubs hands together*

Oh, I can't wait to see how Piper will react to this... :D
such a beautiful comic! I immediately fell in love with it, simply gorgeous art and the story is fantastic too.

I'm excited to know how it'll continue :D
January 25th, 2011

just. What is going on. Am I dreaming? Is she? Is this the real life? Who killed her? WHY? D:
Sergio is blushing. But that doesn't have to mean anything, since he is blushing almost all the time. D'aww *cuddles Sergio*

They are *really* cute together. Um. I think I'm getting the wrong idea here. I mean... that smug look and the whole "a boy likes me so much he wants to marry me" and then Sergio doesn't even DENY it. Oh you guys are killing me.

Ah. I love those characters :D
*smiles happily and melts all over the seat*
...I'm a vampire.

Hahahaha :D
No, seriously, it's my best guess. And, come on, he's pale, probably some kind of immortal and he's one hell of a stylish super hero. This is not normal. He's got to be a vampire.
October 30th, 2010
Last panel looks great :D
I just love seeing the story progressing :)
"Don't you hurt Eila!"
So dramatic! So... brave... if it weren't for the stupid situation I'd be like "YES, TELL HIM! >:D"

Dake. So much the tragic hero of those few pages. Can't SOMEONE save him already? D:
They are both so cute, d'aww :3
(Uke!Haru is cute, so I forgive you on that, hehehe.)
They should just apologise and get on with the fluffiness xD's a pity I really don't see me being capable of kicking a very skinny and very big cow's ass... why don't we stop the slaughtering and have some tea, everyone?
I'm excited to hear from you :D