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Marie Goos
Marie is an illustration major at the Maryland Institute College of Art with a minor in Creative Writing. She enjoys long walks on the beach, candle-lit dinners, and bar brawls.
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FINALLY AHAHAHAHAHA I CAN POST!!!!!1! I'm really excited.

Hurhur, GO GET HER, MICHIO. U R SMOOTH. Anyway, I think it's about time I explained why the universe this comic comes from is named "Bad Grammar." Michio, while mostly fluent in English, knows absolutely no current slang and occasionally says things that make no grammatical sense whatsoever/makes up words. "Un-smellitate" is a prime example. You'll see more of his blunders once he actually gets some lines.

SHOUJO BUBBLES. How low will I sink!? Haha, Michio will never see Briana with a pleasant expression on her face. EVER.
So I decided to do what dolleface did and put my Nine Levels challenge thingy up here. I can't work on the actual comic (still) because, ONCE AGAIN, I am moving. Hopefully when this is all over I'll be able to get back to work. Anyway, this is all an illusion and they're actually in Hell (as per the challenge- plus it's not cannon at all :P) and this is also nine years INTO THE FUTURE! Ruby and Michio are both 24 in this.

AARRRRGH I'm still packing up and cleaning my apartment in between a million other things. Plus I'm working every day except the days I'm actually moving up until Otakon, so I won't be updating next Thursday either.

HOWEVER. There's a surprise coming your way! Let's just say... Check back in a week. And you will see.
I know, I know. D:D:D: FILLER. This isn't even a real filler, I did it a few weeks ago and put it on my deviantart. You deserve the truth.

But it's Briana and Michio as delinquents! YAY! They're leaders of rival gangs (I actually thought it all out. Ruby is Briana's wingman, and she wears an eyepatch. Trevor is Michio's wingman, and he has a toothpick or fishbone or pretty much anything in his mouth. Good times). So of course Briana and Michio are secretly in love. AS ALWAYS.

ANYWAY. I'm going to Hershey Park tomorrow. I tried to finished the next page, but I just couldn't. And I'm moving next week. D: I just have to wait for my work schedule, which I won't get until Friday. Speaking of which, I have to go to work now. Bye!

Uwaaahhh haha I like B's gay little one rolled up sleeve. :3 Totally Titan AE *snort* hurhur. You are rocking all kinds of socks right now!
For some reason the preview of this page is a question mark...? ANYWAY.

Hahahahahah shoujo flowers and sparkles again!! Sorry guys, I'll calm it down after this.

I'll bet you thought my Ruby booby jokes were over and done with. You thought wrong. SO WRONG.

Plus, there's going to be a little twist on the next page. Huhuhu.

P.S. - mama guessed right on the dress she's wearing! Congratulations! You win... Well, nothing. Sorry. :/
That's right, I went there: SHOUJO FLOWERS.

Sorry I'm posting this so late, but I kept putting it off because I wasn't satisfied with the page. The shoujo flowers helped out a bit, but... Meh.

OH BRIANA. She has such bad taste in men. :3 <---- just realized I said the exact same thing last page. D:

P.S. - MAKEOVER!!!!! She'll be wearing something shown in the closet, too. Can you guess what?? Hurhurhurhur.
FGHDFHSDSHFHFFSSSSSSSSSSS SUICIDE! I'm insanely excited. Is he going to plug in his XBOX and jump into a bath tub with it!?!?!?!? :D Plus tots kewl lounging there. I'm always impressed by lounging because for someone reason I can't draw it.

Yaaaay the illustration computer lab is open over the summer, so I was finally able to post page 5!

Oh Briana, you have such horrible taste in men.

P.S. I <3 Ruby fo' reals.
I did iiiiiiiit! Did I not tell you I would give you a fully colored page tonight? I totally did. YOSH!

Annnnyway! RUBY TO THE RESCUE!!!!!!! She's here to solve all of Briana's problems (or complicate them even further). But really she's just there to hang out with Trevor and Michio.

Plus you can finally see on this page why Briana wasn't completely horrified when she met Michio.

And I did all the lettering by hand, just for this occasion! Yaaaaay!

Soon, my friend. SOON.

Anyway... B is really adorable on this page. :)

FAQUE (French for FAQ): Do you draw straight into photoshop or do you have pencils that you scan and digitally ink??
OH MY GOD I'M SO SORRY D:D:D:D:D: I didn't mean for it to take this long, but I've been working full time and retail is exhausting. :(

But thanks everyone for being patient, and to make it up to you not only will I post page 4 later tonight, but it'll also be in FULL COLOR!!!

P.S. - Don't go into the basement Michio, you'll get gay sexed! D:
D: NUUUUUUU. My roommate lost her tablet pen for a year and then found it under her mattress when she moved.

D: D: Sorrry everyone! I just started the comic and already I'm having deadline troubles. The comic's going to be a couple of days late this week, so by way of apology I colored a dirty sketch for a filler.

Not that I'm making excuses but my brand new car that I spent my life savings on broke down and I had to pick it up today, and there was an accident so I ended up spending 10 hours on the road. Plus Father's Day was the same day as my brother's birthday and waaaah.

It's the classic "whoops I bumped into you while you were almost naked and fell on top of you! D: OH NOEZ"

:3 Tobi being all gung-ho and B being all reluctant is totally super KYUTE. Plus, the window climbing totally made me think of Clarissa Explains it all. Tobi is Sam and B is Clarissa, that means there'll be an episode when they question whether or not their friendship should be SOMETHING MORE. :o Sorry, that was a rant.
What's wrong with you Briana he's EVILLLLLL!!!!!! D:D:D:

Anyway. Here's page 2, in which we see the face of true love. ZOMG such drama!

P.S. - Thanks to everyone who left me font-related links! :3

P.P.S. - That's how Michio always laughs. ALWAYS. It's the curse of the Kikuchi family.
Aaaaahhhh somebody tell me where comic artists find their fancy shmancy text that looks good! ;_; On the bright side, you don't have to look at my terrifying hand lettering anymore.

Anyway... Updates are on Tuesdays now. I tried to get this done before midnight but photoshop kept freezing my computer. Luckily, my diligence paid off! Okay, I should shut up now.
<3 I would be honored to be linked from your site!
Heeeeere's chapter one! Haha, after this I promise that the actual comic will start. In the meantime, you can enjoy these leaves and stuff. :P