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Me: I've been interested in cartoons ever since is was a kid, drawing stuff all the time to the point where i fell asleep in school in a book covered with doodles of different characters. My character Bobby Macdog is one I've been drawing for about 10 years now, My very first doodle of him is from my 10th birthday back in April 2000. My art-style is heavily influenced by my friend Mike Youngster (, Sonic the Hedgehog and the cartoons of the 1950's era, particularily Tex Avery and The Looney tunes.

Favorite Stuff:

My favorite genres include: Mystery, Sci-fi, Fantasy, Adventure and Horror. I like my Manga lighthearted and my videogames being extremely storybased/linear.

My favorite games are Ace Attourney: Trials and Tribulations, Sonic Adventure 2 Battle, Kingdom Hearts 2, Brütal Legend, Half-Life 2 and Sam&Max Season One.

My favorite comics (including manga) are: The Life and times of Scrooge Macduck, One Piece, Reborn, Johnny The Homicidal Maniac, Bone, Angel: After The Fall and X-Men: The Messiah CompleX.

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    Hans Henrik Kjølsen
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First appearance of my buddy Nicolai, he's been badgering me for getting in on the strip for a long time
With guest art by Mike!

I still wrote it though
There! I made an Oglaf joke :b
It's been two years and I'm finally updating. What do I have to say for myself?

Well that Casper drawing is ugle as hell.
Now go to sea. Moron.
Something sciency this way comes
You know, there's an awful lot of brunettes in this series. Why don't I have any blonde friends?
If you don't remember, this used to be a filler comic for, in which Lasse wrote the second issue. It may seem kinda familiar
...I fell down some stairs
So yeah, ending the storyline affectively this strip. Lets get on with the gags!
Outraged Am I, The Peanuts is one of my favorite comic strips. Charles Schultz wrote in his testament that no one should take over his creation - yet here we are, 2011 and a failing studio is trying to save themselves by hitching on to this and likely ending up bastardising it.
To those that doesn't know this, the myth goes that a Bumble-bees wings are too small for it to be able fly, but it doesn't know this - making it able to fly anyway. Of course a quick look at the Wikipedia article will tell anyone that the wings of a bumblebees doesn't flap but actually vibrates at a incredible speed, somehow giving it an updrift I'm a little iffy on the details. Go take a look! :D
I shiver to think of the consequenses of this one
Oh hey
To those of you that doesn't know this, All sorts of Happenings started out as filler for The Adventures of Bobby Macdog, my other series. However, All Sorts soon took on a life of it's own and I'm embarresed to say that I haven't actually updated the main comic since April 2010. I kinda missed Bobby though, so here he is in a mini-storyline!

Bobby Macdog's own series is still online and can be read at
Me, Erik, Lasse and Johannes play some Pen N Paper from time to time. We always play Shadowrun, and I always screw the game into silliness
This is pretty much how it would go down if the guys were lost in space. In any case, for those of you that don't know about Werewolf, it's a very entertaining cardgame about hiding your identity - actually making it alot like poker. More info here:
So I'm checking my Facebook all calm and stuff when my cousin suddenly asks me a question about Harry Potter in the form of a fanletter, undoubtedly I had to answer in-character
I love time traveling stories, but theres a limit to how many different ways you can tell such a story, and that goes for joking about it as well
I don't think I was the only one who was absolutely pissed when I found out that Twilight Princess was just a port of a Gamecube game.
To the young un's who doesn't remember Fonzie, he was an ICON on TV once.. The most popular character of the sitcom Happy days.. He even got his own lousy ass cartoon show that re-aired on Danish television in the 90's.. Times were strange..