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@Meep: Mr Twist has said it's set around 2000, give or take.
My exact thought.
A schedule like that would make my week, every week!
YAAAAAAAY for not being dead!!
Generally, gay couples don't have a strict top and bottom. It's far more flexible and less important than the comic world depicts.

I still despise Patrick's hair.
Hmm, when is this set? HP was first published in '98 in America. Pedantic but just saying.
She should stop reading Pika Seme Chu, immediately.
Definitely wobbly borders. They fit perfectly with your art style.
Maybe it's me, but Mulligan's speech in panel 3 seems wrong. Shouldn't it be 'should I answer it?' or 'you want me to answer it?'
I cannot tell you how much I love this comic. It's one of my absolute favourites and I'm always so pleased when it's at the top of my updates list. It's shameful you don't have more fans.
Great last panel.

Just thinking that in the forth panel Alexander's right nipple looks a tad bit too low. I don't know if that's just me.
Yay! I can't wait to get your next book :) I hope you do them all so I can have a little MYth library.
The second to last panel would read better if it were to say "Does Poseida not have a father?" or "Poseida has no father?"

The first would probably sound better because it has the auxiliary verb.
September 21st, 2009
To Setsuro and KitsuneXKyuubi
Setsuro: Why exactly do I bother you? Because I don't get off on the idea of a boy and his pokemon turned human getting jiggy?

Yassa does deserve praise. Her art is great, a lovely, slightly sketchy style with flair. I enjoy the art, but not the story.

KitsuneXKyuubi: Yes, I was aware of that, I've read every page of this. My point was that the characters have completely different personalities to their 'original' counterparts. Pikachu is a pushy sexual predator, basically like every other seme.

All I was trying to point out was that this story could have been so much more interesting, imaginative, original etc (despite the 'I want sex with my pet') if they had more of their original personalities or if it didn't follow the same yaoi formula.

Art like this deserves a great story.But then it probably wouldn't have as many fangirls.
September 18th, 2009
I hope your dad is recovering :)
September 18th, 2009
Another lovely page :)

Nothing is wrong with your grammar or spelling, but the 1st and last panel would read more fluidly if it were *you're* instead of *you are* and *he's* instead of *he is*.
September 18th, 2009
Noooo!! Fight him Ash, Pikachu needs a bitch slap.

This comic requires me to forget all that I know about the characters' personalities, and that is hard, and their species, and that is harder.

Pikachu is really a giant yellow mouse. Ash's pet. If I had a pet that turned into a human and decided to come on to me, I'd be out of there pretty sharpish to find Horny so I could turn him back and give him to new owners.

The inner dialogue reminds me of a certain male vampire from a certain [shit] book, I don't know why.

Anyway, I like your art. It's why I read this comic. Pikachu is probably slightly too big, but who's going for realism here :) You may want to scale down Pika's hands though, they're bigger than his face.
September 17th, 2009
Yeah, you go Ash! Pikachu and his pushy ways, jerk.

Now, let's just have Ash run off to tell Misty about Pikachu's sexual harassment, (yes chaps, Pikachu is an aggressive sexual predator) and then she can declare her love for him.

Cue; 1, 2, 3… Awww
September 1st, 2009
I really, really like your style. I just wish it was in colour, the crazy hairstyles would look even better.
This is his mum, I'm wondering if people think it's Mel...