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I like owls and turtles and rubber ducks. I'm Canadian and I like Charlie the Unicorn.
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    Ielenia Amakiir
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nice. very nice. i presume this goes for CS too. i have one question. how did you take that photo?
I like how you can get yourself.
That's pretty funny.
nice, Evil J. Nice. She did use her rape whistle last RPG session! (not yesterday, since I was sick, but the one before that!)
cool, thanks.
sometimes i just see random colours, so i wasn't sure if it was me or the yellow was actually supposed to be there.
Umm... I can't tell... are the eyes yellow or white?
this actually happened to you?
even i've never done that.
and you know how i am... heh heh.
oh, i've been checking every few hours since yesterday (saturday) to see if there's a new one. *cough* *cough*
Kensei looks more like a tiefling then a dragon-born.
oh, and i like the "monsters and magic"
it's good you didn't infringe on copyright laws... Mr. T-D must be proud.
Heads up!
Okay, so we didn't technically make this, but it looks cool and I like it, so...
This is suspenseful! What will happen next?