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I make pokemon comics sometimes
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I like these odds 👌
@LittleMoons If someone is asking about your family it's only the best option
@Thedoggoking ///insert thinking face//
Nyoom stranger danger
Gotta go fast! When being asked for by a stranger this is the proper response
@Jellyblob It's the only way to fix everything
@Firelord6127: Mission failed, we'll get em next time!
Extra long page!
Wanted to try and see about how people would feel about the comic taking longer to post for longer pages vs short posts throughout the week! So which would you prefer? :0

Also! Take money from strangers. This is a local safety tip from your local comic artists.
August 7th, 2019
@ZHODY the delfinator: Seriously Pokemon puns are the best thing in the world and I love them so much
@Firelord6127: All the time! Every time! Blackmail is the best solution to everything.
Saving the world- one stale bread at a time
Birthday for the co-author!
No comic today! It's one of the author's birthdays today, and Grey's birthday as well! A double birthday today! :0 Happy birthday!
@Thedoggoking Of course not! Gloria is a radicalist who's changing the world one broken window at a time
Fucking Sandra
When people are in line and talking to the cashier - Like come on I know there's nothing to do in town but you're not even buying anything!
What a fantastic page! I'm so glad you're feeling better. <3 This is such a unique and splendid version of implementing the rules within the world and having it make sense! Plus the last panel- if there was music playing I swear it would have turned ominous right there. Fantastic use of perspective <3 Great job as always!
@Thedoggoking Honestly they have a knife, they're a threat. I'm surprised they haven't been taken out yet
@Jellyblob <333
A real Knockout!
You know it's probably a little rude to talk about others behind their back. Especially when they're behind your back.

Note: Sort for the late upload! Got a bit busy over the week!
@Thedoggoking: The owner of the store is pretty nasty for stocking that bread
Oh fuck