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I make pokemon comics sometimes
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@Jellyblob: That's awesome!! :000 I'm glad to see you've made an account!
@Jellyblob: This is 100% valid
@Pidgeottito: Same tbh, like come on mum! You can trust Grey!
@Thedoggoking: Haha! Confused grey is the best grey
@Pokemon151: It's the perfect combination!
@Celestirr: Yup! You're pretty close to hitting the nail on the head :> Close! Just a few details haven't been shared yet. :>

Grey is just as confused as the audience right now too, so don't worry, the confusion is intentional on both sides! :> Great thing is that Grey doesn't like being confused, so this should be changed in the next few pages
@Jellyblob: Comic's main character changed to the pubber, it's the only way we can contain their adorableness
@Pokemon151: Gosh that's so wonderful ;; I love doggos they're just lil beautiful babies ;;
@cloudpool: they're absolute baby!
@Thedoggoking: only the best for the doggo king!
Wonderful work so far! Your artwork is absolutely splendid, you have a really solid grasp of the characters and in this AU it's so fascinating thinking about what's happening and what's going to happen next. Amazing work! I can't wait to see more!
@Pokemon151: I agree! :> Generally speaking, people aren't upset for no reason
@Jellyblob: Watch out guys get your serious face on! :>
@BearFangs: :))))) It's f ineeee don't worrryyy :>>>>>
@Thedoggoking: I'm sure that's always an option :>
@Jellyblob: No insulting words taken! I always love hearing from you! Grey is still a kid and a bit of a bastard XD Mum does need to ground em a bit more tbh but well, she's been a bit inconsistent in the punishment-like life for a while now
Just read through your entire comic! the world that you have created is so unique and full of character, it's very clear that you have put a lot of thought into everything, and even the characters are wonderfully designed and I can see that they've been slowly growing throughout the story so far! everything is very brilliantly colored and created, each world fails unique, and I'm very interested to see where things are going to go in the future! Splendid work! I hope to see more soon!
@Pidgeottito: Thank you so much! Working on the comic before the games are officially out means that we can really sit down and take time to get to know the characters and really develop them! We've planned a lot of stuff in the meantime for the prologue so- the hype is real XD
@Pokemon151: Thank you!!!! This week's pages is so much longer it took a little bit, on top of some technical difficulties with a breaking tablet made things a bit harder XD But it's finished :D I'm getting excited, we're gonna get into some really fun stuff soon :>
Absolutely splendid writing in this page! Combined with the lore in the previous and how things are evolving, it's so interesting seeing where things will go! Amazing job!