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I am currently a part-time employed university student. Wild as it may seem, I do hope to be able to generate a modest income for myself either illustrating, playing music, or maybe even writing. Honestly, I wouldn't particularly mind it being a combination of any of the three. I'm not concerned in the least that before any of the previously stated skills, or abilities, allow me to accomplish that task, I'll have to continue to work a 9 to 5 job like most folks. Other than that, I am a Terran bio-mass often referred to as a human being who oftentimes prefers to avoid eating "fast food".
October 26th, 2018
Al's a dope. Once he drinks some ginger ale, that'll settle his stomach down some. Fel and Al have got a good thing going for themselves. With Al's parents, they've got a fair model of a couple they can use as a low bar to surpass. With Fel's sisters, an entire army of supporters.
Honestly, for some reason I'm expecting when we see Chad without the fursuit, he'll be an otherwise good looking guy, or as close to it as Kenno could render. I don't even want to imagine the comical applications a furry like Chad could have in his after dark series.
February 2nd, 2018
I'm impressed by the girls restraint in not laughing their tails off.
Aw, well. A few pages until we see the sort of swimwear they all brought for the beach won't hurt anyone.
I'm actually surprised Al didn't ask her what shows she's watching to get her head filled with such negative ideas about marriage.
Six hundred and twenty nine genetically engineered anthropomorphic animal super assassin girls, minus the Cheetah gal who was K.I.A. all knocked down to thirty nine? That's messed up. Muggers beau must've gone into that facility at Battalion strength and encountered so much resistance an airstrike was ordered.

Either that, or there was already a super smart hybrid already working things out. At least working things out enough to be ready to take advantage of the chaos a s&d team would make moving on combat trained furry girls and smuggled the bulk of them out, while leaving plenty of freshly thawed human bodies in their place.
January 31st, 2017
I like how the bunny girls are all handling Bonnie's rise. They're all glad for it, but Fel's all disappointed in herself from slacking off. Well, she's got plenty of time until the shop opens back up. Time to train, train har-dah!
Man, Fel has got an appetite on her, now doesn't she? If that's any indicator, Al's going to want to buy a lot of popcorn for those gals if they bring their appetites along to the movie night. Which also makes me wonder if Fel will show her sisters she can speak cat.
Sweet, now Fel has no reason to not swing by the den at some point to find out what her other sisters are up to. Maybe get asked questions from other den-izens about relationships with human guys cause they're curious to have a tab "A" to insert into their slot "B" on a regular basis with some emotional fulfillment. Perhaps cook up a scheme to be a hybrid match maker. Put her spying to use to scout prospective human guys out before getting them together with her sisters.
Well, I guess this explains why Bonnie hasn't built a secret army of semi-autonomous robots to help her take over the world and reign in the era of the hybrids.
February 21st, 2016
Hybrid girls wrestling? Sheeee~it! I'd definitely pay to be ringside to that.
A weight off his shoulders, I imagine.
Interesting, so Deniz was an illegal smuggled into the country he eventually becomes an operator for? Very interesting.
Well, now that they've gotten that out of the way. Deniz should probably extend the open door, well, open balcony, policy to Sophie and simply ask her to give him a heads up to let them know she'd like to sleep over. Mugger and Deniz have been a mostly healthy influence on each other. She's lost weight and not as anxious and he's dealing with his deep dark trauma. Besides, the only reason Pawsy doesn't crash with Fel and Al is because the hybrid enclave gals only recently found out she was alive and safe. I imagine that it's only a matter of time until we find a few other missing hybrid gals show up to the den with their human lovers slash sanctuary providers in tow. I bet green girl's discovery of Fel with a human lover is only the first of many. Who knows, maybe one hybrid fell in with a drug lord in need of reliable staff. Criminals are always looking for reliable folks with the skills those girls have.
Go to sleep next to one woman, wake up next to another. Yea, that sort of surprise I could understand.
Fel's no dummy!
Fel's not likely going to have any more success training cats than humans do. However, being able to talk to them gives her a profound advantage in negotiating a good situation for her and them. Imagine, cats serving as happy and eager informants for freshly provided leftovers and table scraps. Imagine the hilarity if Mugger discovers she can do the same with Raccoons. Now those guys have oppose-able thumbs.
Dr. Doolittle, eat your heart out.
Hmm... Mugger using emotional blackmail. Touche. Dan, you lost this battle, but you put up a valiant resistance. Now snuggle your raccoon girl. Snuggle her all night long.
Meh, not a big thing. A lot of chicks dig guys who're fixer uppers.
Well...'s not the entire bunny squad. After all, they fortunately left Bonnie out of this raid. Luckily, the cat sponge was able to preserve some of Al's modesty. Next thing you know they'll be remarking how surprisingly endowed he is.