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Breaking through the blocked, abandoned channels; my creative juices flow again.
The universe trembles at my fingertips.
The strings of reality begin to strum and I feel my capability to shake the foundations of everything with the slightest touch return.
Time to go to work.

After a very long (More than 6 months) break, I have returned.
My skill has not diminished an in fact has improved in that time. Observe.
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Much easier to tell the features on the new one.
The older one, when looked at from a short distance, looks like White with a top white bit, then orange, then black.
The new one actually HAS a clear eye.
Also, a nicer haircut.
Old one looks slightly. I dunno, Oily? Greasy? in comparison, hair quality wise.
Plus, the Purple really livens up his palette.
And then this popped into my head:
Does this mean the Comic has, like, BEGUN now?
I like how Lex isn't even trying to hide what what he's done.
And as a Result, it's really hard for Darman to pressure her.
Tat and they're not exactly in his Jurisdiction.
> Check the Stage
How far has she penetrated his systems?
How far will he Penetrate Darman himself?
Find out next update! Probably.
@Shard: Oh, I do.
It's just him in Peaches Dress.
She is a very pretty Canid!
I will bring this Comic Back!
After quite literally months of being too lazy to actually post, here we have an update!
Just Femina catching up on what's going on and now being available for people to interact with.
For the Challenge?
A blood Knight, then.
Interresting. . .
Maria: !
-Metal gear detected noise-
@Royle McCulloch:
Maria: I am being Under-estimated, it seems. . .
And then a pair of sunglasses falls onto his head.
It ain't pretty, but it works.
@WellyCollins: We do still accept authors, but we closed Applications. If you want to join, send me a PM.
@WellyCollins: We do still accept authors, but we closed Applications. If you want to join, send me a PM.
Why are you attacking another Author?
You'd best have talked to him about this.
I fully admit I laughed my ass off at the last couple panels.
I can't help but feel some context got missed out here. O-o
@Shard: And the Fusion joke I was gonna do some time.
I guess you could call this a. . . Coarse. Entrance? :D