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Yes, clearly a movie about a stereotypical high school prom. There's no way the writer of A Canterlot Wedding would write a mundane-sounding story with some sort of epic twist.

I'll watch it, just need to find out how I can in the UK.
Anyone got a list of all the cover variants? I'm trying to decide which one to get, but I can't find any compilation of all the covers available.
As long as I have been here posting various responses to each answer. When a new year draws in and it's a time to start and do new things. Therefore, this will be my last response on this series. I'm not sure if I will do any more comics after this. The time to do such things rarely comes up, If I am going to be doing more you'll know about it on the 26th of February next month (An always important day for me, my birthday that's one such thing.) But if this is the last that our paths cross, then let it be known, that the journey it took to get here, has been a good one.

Celestial_Wolf, signing out.
I can't be the only one to pick this up. But again, there's a lack of AJ's Parents in this. Oddly enough though... there are 2 shooting stars that seem to show up in the situation... I think they are implying something there... But how much longer until the situation is addressed? Heck, we don't even see her parents when Applejack is a baby...

I'm debating what my favourite moment of the episode was. Firelighter Spike or Hamboning Pig. It's definately between those two.
If you are reading this. It means that the Apocalypse didn't happen and you are probably very angry, along with many others that the huge hyped event of the millenium was cancelled. And I feel indifferent to the whole thing and instead waiting for the sounds much more interesting yet is underrated Giant Meteor that will crash into the earth in 2025.
Think I'm almost done here. Only thing to do would be to start this journey and search for that dream, or more likely. The truth.
Twilight saves the day by putting on a Magic Show. Just like how Trixie originally appeared by showing off her Magic in a Magic Show.

That is awesome.
I wouldn't want someone shooting a movie of my life anyway. It would be over edited with jump cuts and shaky-cam. And the actor would over-emphasis everything. More interesting stuff happens in the world around me anyway.

Also, new season of one of my favourite shows just started? Time to start getting excited for it again!
Sometimes your nightmares are the worst things you ever see.

... unless they aren't actually nightmare...
You know when your friend recommends a place to go to? But doesn't tell you about one critical thing about it? Yeah, if you can't find a dream holiday. Don't ask friends to give you suggestions. Although I doubt you'll have your whole body transformed in the process.
Don't complain what you always have
The Grass on the other side may look greener, but often, it not always is.
Comic #200, prepare for drama from here on out.
When you have IT Problems, the IT Crowd often provides the best answer.
Bad Airmail delivery or is the Balloon Master at it again?
The plot sounds somewhat familiar.

Also, it's very nice to finally finish my exams.
>Ask to do a tutorial that will advance the plot at the same time.
As I said in my last comic. I have to spend all of May doing Exams. So don't expect any updates until June.

...It's just marginally convenient that I finish this saturday.
We all have slumps and bad times, we just need to pick our selves back up and work harder (Of course, make sure you are also having fun whilst working). Good luck with what you have planned.
Don't expect any comics at all in May from me. That month is Exam season for me. See you again in June.
These last few times just haven't been going well for Rao, have they?