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I like comics :D
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I know. She's very ugly and bitter but you won't have to deal with her face like that for long :)
D: Time to get this story moving
February 22nd, 2009
I haven't updated in a while...well I want to get this story rolling even though it might take a while since I procrastinate...:)
this is a very cute style you have :>
Wow....I need to get the story going ^_^;; I feel like I'm just jumping around.

Yay! Prince's father, the king, is here now :O
Or something like that...I am going to try and be semi-neat after the chapter cover page which I am submitting next. I want this to be clean and not sloppy but so far it doesn't look that way...

Anyways, yeah. :)
Sorry for the bad quality! I drew it on sketch paper and scanned it and it was really hard to color >_<;;;
Alright, this looks a little weird XD; It probably doesn't make sense who that man is but considering he has jewels on him you can make a guess.

It will make more sense why he was hiding in a window when I post more pages...(hopefully I didn't do too bad on this. I am not too good at backgrounds)
Lazy page
I didn't spend too long on this page >.< But I needed to get it out of my folders.

From now on this comic will be read left to right, unlike the second page which was in right to left form
First Comic
I know, it's a lazy page. I'll try and start submitting new pages to this :)
First page...
Yeah...So I am submitting something. I was bored thinking this up and realize the title is plain as well as the page layout but I'm new at this >.< Hopefully this turns out well