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Light Trainer
I'm a girl that only did this after her sprite comics got deleted from Sheezyart!

I like anime, video games, manga, Sonic & co., Pokemon, And this list goes on!

I hate sprite edit haters, horror movies, swearing, jerks, and this darn list goes on too!

I also have some stories up in my sheezyart account if you want to read them!

Please treat me with respect!
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I'm guessing either an Opal or an Onyx. Sorry but the greyscale makes it hard to see right.
Even though others said it...
She's definitely a black cat. And she also spells trouble.
I say...
Definitely go with Dr. Prower! I mean Eggman used him for crying out loud! And Prower treats him like family!
Thanks for answering my question! I played a bit of a Bowser's Inside Story demo myself for a bit in Toys'R'Us one day and I can definitely see how you seem to like the actual game!
That's soo sweet! Fourth panel definetly brings the cuteness of this page! ^_^
That was some good thinking on Bitsy's part!
Light Trainer
April 29th, 2010
For the love of all things good...
...someone save Katai from that psycho!

(I swear Ray still scares me!)
Hmmm...Time for a little math here:
Mephiles + anmesia + Cream and her innocent kindness = one VERRRY interesting comic indeed!

I can't wait to see what will happen if you do up this comic! I wonder if she'll get him to understand good over evil now that he's lost his memories?
Light Trainer
April 15th, 2010
*Hides under desk*
Light Trainer
March 18th, 2010
*Both hands raised as well as three tails*
Light Trainer
March 11th, 2010
For some reason...
I found the last panel kinda cute! ^_^
I like to be in the comic!
Hey Akuma! I like to be a cameo!

Here's the sprites:

Also here's my question and it's for Lucky: If you have a favourite fighter in SFC, who is it? (Besides yourself of course.)

I hope this is good enough!
Totally NOT dead. Who in thier right mind would like to kill off the main character anyway?


(Sorry, I had a stressful first day at my job so I'm a little snappy right now.)
I was waiting for the update!

Looks like someone's in real big trouble now! (And Pikachu is STILL my favourite!)
*Hides under desk*
That's cool!
Thanks for answering my question Shard! ^_^
Run Sonic Jr!

Sorry I just wanted to do that. ^^;

Anywhoo I like this Fleetway sonic is one I like. He's polite, calm, and doesn't have the "Psycho Swirly" eyes like the original one does. (Man he scares me with those eyes!)

Other than that, great comic so far! I can't wait for the next one!
@Toon Link
One what? A question for me to put in comic form?
Glad to see you back!
Let's have a moment of silence to remember those lost and affected.

O.K now I can say my piece.

This is an old pic I made as a tribute last year in Photoshop in honor of those lost and affected by this tragedy 8 years ago.

I also found a couple of songs that are easy tributes as well:

This is one I found last year called "Where Were You When the World Stopped Turning: by Alan Jackson.

This one I found THIS year called "Believe" by Yellowcard.

Now to be honest, I'm from Canada and I saw this in my classroom back then, and I really didn't have a clue on what was happening even though I was 12 because I only saw the fires and not the crashes.

But as the years went by and I grew older, as well as seeing a video called "Loose Change" a few years back, I grew more understanding to what had happened then and now I'm making tributes to his horrible event, as well as a few others.

Also, Ground Zero is going through a makeover to become the National 9/11 Memorial and Museum in honor of those lost in this event, and to help others understand what had happened. I've got a link with a few more details right here:

I am working on another "Ask L.T" comic but it will have to wait right now.

Peace to those who are still affected and were lost in 9/11.